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Open Thread: Happy Presidents Day!


Happy birthday, Mr. Presidents. Since you’re dead, we’ll instead pass the wonderful gift of an open thread on to our readers.

The open thread is now open.

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  1. They came up with President’s Day to combine the two holidays for Lincoln’s Birthday and Washington’s Birthday into one because working people had too much free time and too many days off, just like they do now and really, who wants two holidays in February anyway.

  2. Not that I am for screwing around by presidents or anyone else, but seeing this video reminds me how much I wish that aspects of a politician’s personal life that have nothing to do with their being suitable for the job (horny vs. corrupt, for example) were as insignificant now as they were then.

  3. This coming November 22 is 50 years since, well you know. The controversy will re-rage again. One of the more bizarre items I feel like mentioning for no good reason is that Woody Harrelson (the actor), well, his father confessed to partaking in the assassination, and there are some claims he is one of the three mysterious tramps that were arrested near the grassy knoll that day

    On another front, I’m happy to report what I think is work being done to reopen Momoyama, the hibachi place in Lundy’s. I say this because I poked my head in the door one day, and work WAS being done there for sure, and I thought one of the owners/managers was in there, giving me a dirty look to poke my head back out.

    Also, Amusing the Zillion reported that the Joe Sitt building on Stillwell and Surf has a tenant, some chain named It’s Sugar, or something like that. Looks nice from the picture given.

    I have to say here that Erica Sherman has one of the more bizarre facebook page around, and I mean that in the best possible way. I don’t find too many reasons to be on FB very much (read enough about people having their morning cup of coffee), but that page is definitely one reason to check out the newsfeed, you never know what’s coming up (or being thrown up) on that page, thanks for the entertainment sweety. Wouldn’t be the worst idea if some neighborhood blog somewhere in Brooklyn who shall be nameless, would feature her in her bizarre ravings on occasion….

  4. Oy. Honestly, it’s only bizarre because not too many Brooklyn Jewish goils in my age bracket love Tennessee Ernie Ford as much as I do. If you met me, you’d see I’m quite normal.

  5. Presidents’ Day: I was surprised to find, after moving to Texas, that Presidents Day is not a big holiday, as it is in New York and other NE states. Most people go to work in Texas and pretty much banks and government offices are closed, but no one else. I went to a Chase Bank today and they were opened but Bank Of America, across the street was closed. When I was a CPA in NY, I remember taking a Q train with four other CPA’s in the subway car at 8 AM on Presidents Day and no one else in the subway car. I could tell all the other guys were CPA’s. Public accountants do work in Presidents Day, even in New York.

    Down here Columbus Day and Martin Luther King Day are also ignored.

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