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Open Thread: Driving In Sheepshead Bay Sucks!


Ned’s risking a lot today by letting me write the Open Thread, but, frankly, I don’t care. This has been bothering me for some time now and I need to vent.


There, I said it. I feel much better. Today, due to various road closures and ass-hat drivers it took me over 30 minutes to drive from Avenue W and 23rd Street to Avenue Z and Homecrest Avenue. Usually this drive takes less than five minutes, but not today. No, today it seemed that every street was either blocked or had some idiot driver causing chaos.

First, I encountered a Mercedes making an illegal U-turn on Avenue X. This schmuck couldn’t even accomplish this simple feat in the standard three-point turn. Instead, they needed six attempts to turn the car around.

Next, a Nissan heading south on Ocean Avenue couldn’t decide if it wanted the left or right lane. Instead it drove down middle of both lanes at less than 20 miles an hour all the while swerving from side to side to keep me from passing. Turning onto Avenue Y – guess what? Another car performing another illegal U-turn!

And look there, the MTA has the overpass closed off, forcing me to turn onto East 16th Street. Three lights later I finally make it to the intersection with Avenue Z. Here traffic is backed up in both directions while a black pickup is double parked and a tow truck is perpendicular to the street as it tries to lift a Lexus onto its bed. After a couple of futile attempts, the tow truck driver abandons his vehicle mid-street to talk with the driver of the pickup!

And what the hell is going on with the timing of the lights around here lately? Have you tried to cross Coney Island Avenue via Avenue Y or Avenue Z lately? Late afternoon traffic backs up almost to the tracks, EVERY day.

It’s bad enough that the DOT and the MTA conspire against us, but why the hell aren’t we more cognizant of our fellow drivers? C’mon everyone. I know we can do better than this.

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  1. Robert……….You just hit the nail on the head!

    Thanks for this post! reading it made it feel as if i was ranting along side with you. The lights on Ave y coming from Coney island to upper #’s is horrible…. We need a faster way to coney island!!!

  2. I agree with your rant 100%. This place is out of control. When i had my office in the city i would come home and it would be calm compared to the chaos of midtown. Now that I am in Brooklyn all the time i have noticed there is an obscene amount of people in the area. It was not like this 5 years ago. I used to love driving and now i hate it. Whats really interesting is you dont hear stories about road rage incedents here. People are so distracted and busy they dont even have time to drag someone out of their cars and give them a beating.

  3. People are ignorant to the laws of the road and arrogant in how they respect others while driving. It’s almost as if you shouldn’t be on the road while they are. Nobody turns their head before switching lanes. People don’t use turn signals. People are always talking or texting while driving, even on the highway. People don’t obey red lights at all, I’ve literally seen people stop at a red light and then go through it way after it has turned red. You know that 4 way stop sign on Batchelder and Ave. Z (or any for that matter)? Yeah good luck finding many people who actually stop to obey “right of way”. I have driven on the West Coast, all the way from here to down South and all over the North East. Brooklyn truly has some of the worst drivers I’ve ever encountered. Then when an accident occurs they’ll sue the hell out of you in a heartbeat like it’s YOUR fault. Even the MTA has it’s share of terrible drivers. Ever been cut off by a bus when driving down Nostrand Ave in the middle of the day when all the blocks have doubled parked cars? They’re a large bus, believe me when I say they don’t care if you skid up against their side.

    I’m glad someone else takes notice in how horrible it is driving around here. I fear that it only gets worse too.

  4. Feel your pain man. What usually grinds my gears though are the people who are too good for red lights and stop signs.  Can’t imagine how many close calls I’ve had with people blowing through a red light or stop sign and looking at me like I’m crazy. People forget (or don’t give a S***) that they’re putting their lives in danger too. Not just innocent people.

  5. In the last three years I have been rear ended twice while waiting for a red light. Also, one of those shitty car service drivers went through a stop sign while I was making my  through. Thank God it was at a low speed. I got my deductible back on the rear ends but nothing yet on the latest incident and its been over a year. 

  6. You’re not alone! I can’t understand how so many idiot drivers get away with being as unsafe and chaotic on the road as well. Wish the lot of them would be rounded up and tossed into Manhattan for good. 

    Also, had my brand new car keyed at the Sheepshead Bay UA as well this weekend, and I even made sure to park all the way at the top, clearly between the lines, causing no one any problems, but obviously the typcial trash that hangs out there couldn’t resist vandalizing my vehicle because the ass hats had nothing better to do.

    Sorry to say this kids, but I’m glad to be getting out of Brooklyn soon, the disrespect and idiocy seems to be growing everyday here.

  7. I wonder if the percenatge of idiot drivers goes up in direct propotion with the increased traffic “calming” solutions of the DOT? Do more red STOP signs trigger adverse reations? Do narrow, white zebra stiped lanes induce myopic driving? Do drivers feel the need to speed thru stop lights out of the frustration that their gas mileage goes down to 5 miles/gallon due to constant stopping? One wonders.

  8. Too many drivers suffer tunnel vision and don’t seem to be cognizant of their overall surroundings. This is the primary cause for all the traffic slowdowns and accidents. People just arent paying attention. Why? Because they don’t care.

    When I was driving my cab, I was a fast and aggressive driver, but I was also a smart and aware driver. You need to be aware of what is around you for all 360 degrees. You can’t HAVE a blind spot. If you’re going to be driving fast you need to look not just 2 or 3 car lengths ahead of you, but a full two blocks ahead. You need to plan your actions ahead of time, determine if they are possible and execute them with agility and skill.

    Too bad everyone is to self involved to be a good driver.

  9. At least the long lights on Avenue Y and Z and after about 3:30 PM until about 7 are explainable. It also happens on other avenues. The reason is that during this time Coney Isand Avenue gets an extra 30 seconds added to it cycle. That permits you to go from Prospect Park to Avenue Z in only about 3 cycles saving you about 15 minutes.

    Unfortunately, it makes it very difficult to cross Coney Island Avenue on most Avenues. During these hours instead of Avenue Z, use the Shore Parkway North Service Road which has an underpass at Coney Island Avenue. Instead of Avenue Y use Avenue X that has a shorter line since it does not go through the Brighton Line. Also, Brighton Beach Avnue is a good alternative since the light at Voey Island avenue

  10. does not follow the other signals on Coney Island avenue and has its own schedule. (My IPad seems to have a word limitation for Sheepsheadbites and doesn’t allow me to correct mistakes.)

  11. Why
    should they? Within their air-conditioned hermetically sealed lounge chair, and
    ipad plugged in to take them to never never land, cell phone ringing from their
    ex-lover, dashing to the next “important” meeting, safe in the comfort of
    surround air bags, insured to provide their no fault liability, they gleefully
    navigate to the pleasant sound of that GPS girl or Siri. No worries, just plow
    on thru…I think we will see the need for devices like they use in bowling
    alleys for kids – gutter bumpers?

  12. I mostly agree with you. I fully believe aside from being major safety hazards the traffic calming implementations put in place result in the exact opposite reaction they are supposed to elicit. Taking away lanes, placing out of sync traffic lights everywhere like they are candy and those bumps are making more then a few people crazy. Factor in the high cost of gas and it should be even easier to see why. It is remarkable to me that certain groups love these things and yet they cause a ton of congestion and harm the environment. Although, it would be faulty to not blame technological advancements as well. Lot easier to become more distracted then ever before.

  13. Let’s talk about the no left turn at Avenue Z and E 14th street heading towards Coney Island Ave.  No left so everyone pulls on up and makes the illegal u-turn to get onto Sheepshead bay Road.  Thats always good for traffic!

  14. More importantly, why would you drive a distance of less than one mile? Unless you had heavy things to carry and even still its a bit questionable (we are made to carry heavy loads over long distances). Are you disabled? (I mean real disabled, not just obese) To me that’s the real problem and symptomatic of a much larger social issue . If more people walked/took mass transit or took advantage of alternative transportation modes then maybe driving down the streets of a relatively small neighborhood like SS Bay wouldn’t be such a nightmare. Maybe then people wouldn’t be as fat, or as stupid, and then our medical system wouldn’t be in such dire straits and our kids wouldn’t all be walking trash bags full of social disease and my mommy would still love me, etc etc etc. “Cognizant of our fellow drivers?” What about the pedestrians who have to breathe in toxic emissions and dodge homicidal drivers because people are too lazy to walk a frigging mile, who is cognizant of us? 
    Anyway, sorry, guess everyone has something to vent over regardless of how much more logical or valid some of our complaints are than others.

  15. Try driving down Sheepshead Bay Rd. from CVS to Shore Parkway any time of the day or night. First, you encounter all of the delivery vehicles and double parking from CVS to the train station. After that, you have to contend with the line up of livery cars parked in the No Standing zone along the curb from the train station to where Citibank is. At the split between Sheepshead Bay Rd. and Jeome Ave., better hope that no one is parked in front of Forces of Nature because if they are, you’re not making a right on the green arrow to get down towards Emmons Ave. Now comes the worst part of the drive from that split down to the Belt Parkway overpass over Sheepshead Bay Rd.. Here’s what you have to contend with all day, every day: cars illegaly parked along the entire No Standing zone from the Viva store, past Delmar Pizzeria, across Vorhees Ave., past Wheeler’s and down to Mucheonette on the corner of Sheepshead Bay Rd. and Shore Parkway; delivery vehicles on this same stretch of road, but now on the Wheeler’s side of the street. You want to talk about illegal U-turns? At any point along this entire route, guaranteed that either a young driver in a luxury vehicle or an older, very well dressed person who looks like he’s involved in some unsavory actvity also driving a luxury vehcile will make a six-point illegal U-turn while sneering at you as if this move is a God-given right. By the way both of these drivers may not speak much English because you can hear the radio playing in their vehicles and it’s not a station where English is spoken. Enough said, you get the picture. Oh, I forgot one other detail-there’s always an NYPD scooter parked by Bally’s that’s always unattended. Why isn’t the traffic dept.policing this area? They could write a month’s quota worth of tickets in one day along Sheepshead Bay Rd.

  16. dude – did it ever cross your mind that I had other places to go besides that one destination? Maybe just maybe homecrest and z wasn’t the only place I was going today. 

    You’re talking to the wrong guy about walking through the neighborhood. Usually I leave my car home when I can. 

    And your distance is a bit off – it’s actually 1.3339 miles 

  17.  That’s a mighty righteous position to be taking.  Remember that everyone inconveniences someone else in society to get what they need.  This is how things work.  I personally find it quite disgusting that I have to deal with drunk pedestrians stumbling everywhere around Sheepshead Bay but I’m not going to complain about it if people leave me along for living my life how I see fit.  I would also like to see a crackdown on bicycle riding across the bridge and on the sidewalks but again, I’ll leave you guys alone for your stuff if you leave me alone for mine.

    Also, a mighty big portion of traffic on Sheepshead Bay road and voorhies ave is related to the belt parkway.  I bet those people are going a lot more than one mile.  Maybe they should stop being lazy and swim to New Jersey.  There are also a large number of buses using that area.

  18. This post couldn’t be more true.  Worst drivers in the world.  I remember reading something that the 61st precinct is near the top in accident reports being submitted each year.  Not to mention all the scams going on.  Absolutely disgusting.

  19. So here’s a question: how do we fix it? The biggest problem here isn’t DOT incompetence, though I’m sure it plays a role. It’s the lack of consideration impatient drivers (and bikers, and pedestrians) have for others. So what do we do? We can urge the 61st Precinct to crack down on bad drivers – but then you’ll be here the week after bellyaching that you got a ticket (and, of course, you’re a great driver. It’s always everyone else on the road who’s incompetent). 

    I don’t ask to be snotty or facetious, but this really is one of those problems where I’m left scratching my head without a possible viable solution. That doesn’t happen often. I’m a genius, if you haven’t heard.

  20. I have a fantasy about shooting them all – I want to buy a shotgun and carry it in my car.

    Relax folks, it still remains just a fantasy! 

  21. Let’s not forget what awaits past Coney Island Ave. They need to get rid of the light they put up on Avenue Z and Hubbard and the one in the middle of nowhere on Shore Pkwy and Hubbard near the hospital which at one point was a flashing yellow. The Ave Z lights on Hubbard, E7th and Coney are always out of sync especially eastbound. It takes forever now to travel 3 blocks.  The 20 MPH school hour rule was a waste of money as you can barely get over 10 MPH anyway.

  22. I am not a driver but frequently drive with my friend. Ever try the obstacle course on Sheepshead Bay Road ( block of Banco Popular) They love making U-Turns on that road and especially when cars are double parked. 

  23.  Sorry Ned but I disagree the 61 does not care I have gotten into a car accident because someone was making an Illegal turn on Sheepshead Bay road and they took off after everyone pointed out they were wrong. The 61 never showed when we called them they told us to call 911 . Why in this city do we have to use the 911 system for something that is not a emergency. The car was drivable and we were willing to go the 61,to fill out the forms. It seems like a waste of a system that is vital. It was winter and night and cold. We could not waste the gas with heat because of the expense.

  24. There is no solution to this. There is just way to many people in the area. Ticketing drivers for u-turns is not going to help the only thing that might help is enforcing parking regulations. When you have delivery trucks parking and standing any where they want along with cars doing the same on nearly every block that is going to cause traffic to slow down to a crawl. Now its not aggressive drivers causing traffic backups its the people driving 15mph not paying attention thinking they are the only ones on the road. Bottom line is there are way to many people that dont give a fuck. 

  25. now this is my biggest pet peeve… especially when drivers do the turn right in front of the POLICE!  (who do nothing).  this illegal u-turn causes more aggravation and delays then a regular turn. and it’s just getting worse… 

  26. By having a traffic cop stand in worst problem areas.  No one should complain about getting a ticket if you don’t commit the transgression. Traffic cameras.
    And a serious police presence on Sheepshead Bay Road. Especially in the evening.

    Enforcing actual road rules could go a long way to improving the street traffic as well as adding necessary income to the coffers.

  27. Think its bad now? Wait til ‘Marshalls’ is put up on Ave Y ”

    I am truly dreading that day…  It really is going to be a nightmare around here once that opens. I love shopping, I love shopping at Marshall’s, but I am not looking forward to this store opening. 

  28. It is hard to control the behavior of others, especially at a time when personal responsibility , and the sense of the “other”, has declined greatly throughout our society, and not just on the roads in the Sheepshead Bay area. I’ve written here before, Ned, that if there is one positive thing you can do with this thread, it is to advocate strongly for our local law enforcement authorities, to be out there, and ENFORCE, our reasonable vehicular moving violation laws! I agree wholeheartedly with many of the comments and observations here, regarding how many folks seem to drive, in our otherwise wonderful and booming part of Brooklyn. What I also find as equally ironic, sad, and troubling, is that many of these low life drivers seem to be behind the wheel of BMW’s, Land Rovers, Lexuses, Mercedes, and the like, and I dread finding my vehicle in traffic near one of these barbarians with those blacked out heavily tinted windshields, who seem to automatically drive with complete disregard for the other, and it defies my idea of common sense, how they are allowed to exist on our roads. They should be thankful, that I don’t pack my Uzi with me, while on the road!

  29. Boo Hoo.You got stuck in traffic for a few minutes.You should have called the NY Times. it would have been the front page story.I’ve got news for everyone.Traffic and crowded streets and sidewalks,have existed in Brooklyn,since I can remember in the 60s.

  30. Stopping cars and ticketing them is not going to do anything but create more traffic. Instead of cops standing there waiting for someone to do something wrong they should get out of their cars and help direct traffic when there are backups in certain locations at certain times. There is a cop that sits in his car almost every day on Neptune and E12th in front of VW. There is always backups there from people going south making the left onto Neptune and he just sits there waiting for someone to do something petty so he can write a ticket instead of helping traffic move along.  

  31. The cop from the 61 that tickets cars on CIA from Neck Rd to Ave Z should take on Sheepshead Bay Road.

  32. Well, let’s see. I am totally convinced that when all the non-American’s come here and get the “privilege”, that’s right it is a “privilege, not “your” right to be able to drive, that they pay off their driving instructors big time becaue these moron’s that buy $80,000 cars and think they can drive then, CAN’T. They are oblivious to the laws and do whatever they like whenever they like. It scares me to get in my car and drive in this neighborhood anymore where it used to be a pleasure. You have to drive with your head spinning like Linda Blair in order to be safe. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  33. Just this past Sunday – a very large delivery truck taking up the entire lane (all traffic had to go out and ’round it) in front of the new, soon to be Randazzo sandwhich shop. (no i don’t think it was for them, could have been stopped for anyone). It was just the nerve that the truck stopped in the very middle of the lane, didn’t bother to pull over when it could have. 
    And no Police in sight. 

  34. But if it took you 30 minutes to drive it ONE WAY when walking the round trip would take any able bodied person under 30 minutes then dont you think in retrospect you would of been better off walking to your destination, then walking back to where your car was and then go about driving to your next destination?

    Just doesn’t seem legit for you to say you usually leave your car home when you can when in this case it seems like you could of indeed left your car home but you chose not too. Then to add to the hypocrisy of the entire matter you complain about other people who are probably doing the same thing and clogging the roads up. How dare they drive when they could probably just walk, don’t they know R Fernandez is trying to get to homecrest from slightly over a mile away!?!? The nerve!

    Do you see how your situation might of been impacted if walking to places was more part of our culture? Either you personally would of avoided the headache of this particular traffic jam by walking or the traffic jam itself would be scarcer because more people would be walking.

    Oh nevermind you just threw out my entire argument by pointing out that its 1.024 miles and not 1 mile. Forget i said anything, sorry. Anyway it’s time for my daily 4 mile run to work, hope there arent too many walkers clogging up the side walks out there. 

  35. Back in the day I got my drivers license in a box of Cracker Jacks, I think that practice has been resumed.  The police were confused so they had traffic lights installed on every corner reducing the amount of speeding tickets they can give out.
    If you ride the bus it has to make so many stops its like riding an amusement ride.
    Then you have the butt heads with cell phones texting information as if everyone needs to know they made it to the next light.  I used to be able to ride a bike to school but I graduated just before someone ran over the bike when it was parked.  Crossing the street is another cause for trauma in my life I look left, I look right then I look left again and some fool drives up on the sidewalk.
    It’s not safe to leave the house anymore so I have everything delivered sometimes the delivery boy makes it here sometimes we have to get a new delivery boy it’s sad. One time the Pizza could be here in 30 minutes now they need GPS and a side arm.
    This all happened before I moved out of Brooklyn, now I hear things are better it’s just population control when someone get run over.

  36. Hate to brake it to you, but that turn is actually a legal turn onto Sheepshead Bay Road. I know more then one person that has beaten that ticket and I was told by more then one cop sitting in a squad car that it’s legal too.

    However there’s disagreement with the department because some officers use that turn to pad their quota’s. In any case, it’s technically a legal left turn unto Sheepshead Bay road. A U-Turn would be if they stayed on Ave Z. 

    The spot is made all the more confusing because the legal driveway in the same location requires a left turn through traffic.

  37. They do nothing because it’s a legal turn and they are waiting for people that do U-Turns and run the reds.

  38. He was talking about the illegal turn onto East 14th Street, not the legal one you are talking about turning directly on to Sheepshead Bay Road a few feet later. 

  39. I once called the 61st to report the license number of a hit and run involving a parked car.  They refused to take the report over the phone telling me that I had to use my time and money to go down to the Station to file the report.

  40. Maybe I read him wrong but I thought he meant the turn after, as if both turns were illegal.

  41. So the sign on the light pole that states no turn allowed, the arrow with the circle and line thru it all mean that you can turn??  Okay.  

  42. The illegal turn is the Left Turn onto East 14 from Ave Z, NOT the Left Turn unto Sheepshead Bay road. One sign does not apply to both turns.

  43. No reason that both can’t be done. Direct traffic, pull over offenders, however ‘petty’ it might seem. A violation is a violation. Usually something that can cause an accident or hold up traffic. After enough tickets are issued, maybe the offenders will think before committing the violation. (thus freeing up the streets for better flow).  Traffic cameras will pick up other offenders.  Again, key word, offender.
    If you don’t do something wrong – you won’t be pulled over or sent a fine.
    And if you are that one special snowflake that is mistakenly sent a ticket – deal with it and move on. 

  44. turning onto east 14th, a one way street, from avenue z….  wasn’t really even part of the discussion.  

    on avenue z, coming from CIA – common sense, don’t turn into the one way street that is east 14th.

    on avenue z, coming from anywhere, don’t turn onto the one way street that is east 14th. 

    one more time… 

    on east 14th street from shore – turn left or right but do not go straight into east 14th street.  

    now, on avenue z, from east 15th to stop at the light at 14th, do not turn left.
    there are signs that say – do not make this turn.  do not turn left onto sheepshead bay road. do not turn left onto east 14th heading towards shore and the belt.
    do not turn left.

    i could take a picture if that would help.

  45. I don’t need a picture.

    I’m talking about one thing only.

    If you’re on Ave Z heading From OA towards CIA then making a LEFT on East 14 (technically any turns since you can’t turn right either) is illegal. However, 10 feet forward turning left unto Sheepshead Bay road IS legal. There is only one sign, not two. 

    If you’re heading east from CIA towards OA then you don’t need to turn right on East 14 (again, any turns are illegal) because you can turn unto Sheepshead Bay Road first, and then turn right legally unto East 14th street.

    As for the left turn I’m discussing, you can claim it’s illegal because you find it annoying all you like, that doesn’t make it so. I’ve seen people beat the ticket, I’ve had officers on the scene ADMIT it was legal. 

    I’m not sure why you’re getting confused.

    Perhaps this is something we can as Ms Scavo about. Maybe the intersection needs some study and redesign.

  46. Then we should put cameras everywhere to catch jaywalkers and bikers on the sidewalk. Get real.

  47. I agree that the second left turn is technically legal but it defeats the purpose of having the no left turn sign there at all.

  48. I just crossed the street there, and yes turning left onto Sheepshead Bay Road from Avenue Z is illegal. At that point the street is marked with a solid double yellow line, which we all know is illegal to cross. 

    So, sign or not, it is illegal to make that left. 

  49. I’m going to have to disagree, perhaps we’re not on the same page as to WHY that turn is illegal. 

    Reason 1 is so cars don’t get stuck in that intersection since it’s only 1 car deep after making the turn and getting caught on the red light on Sheepshead.

    The other is that B4 used to stop there and cars would go around it, into opposing traffic….and that would just be too dangerous to have with cars turning into a corner where they can’t see oncoming traffic because of cars going north.

    Besides, there’s a legal driveway in the SAME spot. Making left turns illegal after the light would prevent people from being able to turn into their own parking garage….and force them to go all the way around.

  50. I didnt realize there are double lines there so if thats the case then both turn are illegal.

  51. It’s not so much the traffic calming measures themselves, it’s the way that the Transportation Dept do them.  I’m of the opinion that the DoT just puts them in because they can; no real thought goes into what measures are needed and how to put them in to actually enhance the flow of traffic.  Then the DoT refuses to even consider altering them when you report the awfulness of what they have done.
    In Europe traffic calming measures actually work and you can get from A to B without too much hassle.  (Well, apart from Rome or Paris but they are on their own in terms of traffic 😀 ) – the one’s in Maryland work well as well.
    My biggest gripe is the out of sync traffic lights – but can you tell the DoT about them?  Good luck with that one!

  52. This is for Arthur,

    Cabbie, you need to get tested again. Crossing a double solid yellow line is illegal to enter a street, but not a driveway.

    Here’s a quote from the NY Safety Council…
    Solid Double Yellow LinesThere are certain conditions where you are allowed by law to make turns over, and left turns out of, a driveway and crossovers from driveway to driveway as long as the flow of traffic is not impeded and no excessive speed is used. If oncoming vehicles must slow or make drastic maneuvers, these are not safe actions. Double yellow lines cannot be crossed in any other situations than those described. 

  53. I wasn’t going to reply but I just can’t help myself.  That driveway you speak of is halfway up the block.  That is not a legal turn because its not a turn.  You blatantly cross a double yellow line.  Its a hazard and its illegal.  I’m willing to bet you on this one!

  54. Look again at the google link I posted. The Driveway is directly behind the drug store, which is exactly at the same spot where Sheepshead Bay Road begins.

    Previously there was a break in the yellow line at that location. It seems, like elsewhere, sloppy work by the DOT just makes the situation a lot more confusing.

  55. Crack down. Period. Enough money out of the pocket, and these selfish people will get the message. Will help NY’s budget too. Win-win, as they say.

  56. What happens is that a few people speed.  Then some vocal NIMBY group goes to their politicians and DOT and asks for out of sync lights and extra traffic signals to slow the traffic because the police are not doing their job to stop speeders.  They get their way and traffic is slowed for all.  You do not need signals in front of every school.  Years ago school crossing guards did the job just fine for a few hours a day when you needed them.  Now you have to stop at every school 24 hours a day when there is no traffic.  That is why it takes forever to get places.

  57. Like Robert said, if there is no break in the double yellow line, a left into Sheepshead Bay Road would be illegal even without a sign.

  58. You have no right to tell people to walk instead of drive.  Perhaps he was carrying something or his leg was hurting, or the weather is bad.  You don’t know all the circumstances.

  59. It’s double, it’s solid, it’s not legal to cross. That said, I honestly can’t remember it ever not being broken (and unforgivably i have to cross it twice a day, five days a week, to and from the station). But in the end, it’s funny how we all know the traffic signs so well here! 
    Tonight, coming home I also remembered when the salon Mirage was there and the tip of the triangle was their parking lot… and the madness from it.  Funny how much has changed and yet, not the road work!

  60. We’re not discussing jaywalkers and bikers. And I am real. 
    Anything constructive you’d like to share with the class?

  61. Oh wow…. Really???  There was traffic and crowded streets?? Even sidewalks?  
    Awesome. Like, totally. I’m am like so going to call the NYT and let them know you can remember the ’60s! I mean like, that was sooooooo long ago!  

  62. i think you have a very distorted view about people paying off their driving instructors. 

    Usually, one gets their license from the city, with a city-paid tester sitting in the passenger seat of the car you are taking your test in, not the instructor. This is more about the fact that these people, in their expensive cars (which are likely leased, not owned, and very possibly driven by their 17 y.o. son), just dont give a fuck.  Its not being “oblivious” to the law… you have to take the permit exam, which is again, administered at the DMV (aka hell on earth) by a city-paid employee. In order to pass the exam, one would need to know the rules of the road. Granted it’s a very easy exam, but if one was oblivious to the rules of the road, they may not be able to pass it.  So its not that. 

    sadly, its really because these types of people just dont care.  The road is their oyster, and other drivers or pedestrians be damned. 

  63. i think you have a very distorted view about people paying off their driving instructors. 

    Usually, one gets their license from the city, with a city-paid tester sitting in the passenger seat of the car you are taking your test in, not the instructor. This is more about the fact that these people, in their expensive cars (which are likely leased, not owned, and very possibly driven by their 17 y.o. son), just dont give a fuck.  Its not being “oblivious” to the law… you have to take the permit exam, which is again, administered at the DMV (aka hell on earth) by a city-paid employee. In order to pass the exam, one would need to know the rules of the road. Granted it’s a very easy exam, but if one was oblivious to the rules of the road, they may not be able to pass it.  So its not that. 

    sadly, its really because these types of people just dont care.  The road is their oyster, and other drivers or pedestrians be damned. 

  64. You are talking about something thats not realistic. Putting cameras in Sheepshead Bay that just makes no sense. I also dont believe for a second that you never do anything illegal while driving. Everyone makes some sort of move while driving that would be considered technically illegal. No one makes perfect turns or puts their signals on when they are supposed to if at all. My point is that the ideas you have are not real. Lets put in cameras and catch every single person that does anything illegal is not realistic and makes no sense here. Class dismissed.

  65. Applegreen, then the driving instructors just plain suck and don’t give a crap about who they are allowing to be licensed.  They can’t, not with what is out there. I can’t believe that they would pass 3/4’s of these moron’s without their palms being greased. What difference does it make if it is leased or owned or if the person behind the wheel is some old fart trying to impress the world or his snot nosed kid trying to impress the girls, THEY STILL CAN’T DRIVE. I wonder if it is like this back where they come from because if it is, old habits die hard my friend.

  66. When driving from Midwood (Newkirk Ave/Ocean Parkway) area it would take me 30-35 min to drive to Sheepshead Bay because of all the traffic. I now live in Staten Island and can drive home in 40-45 min. That is not ok considering how much further Staten Island is.

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