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Open House For Iconic Home In Prospect Park South, Asking Price $2.9 Mill

(Photo Courtesy: Zillow)
(Photo Courtesy: Zillow)

Another iconic Prospect Park South Historic home was listed yesterday for $2.9 million, according to Zillow, joining this summer’s $2 million club — and almost toppling over into the $3 million dollar club.

This 10,130-square-foot Colonial Revival mansion, at 1305 Albemarle Road and Argyle Road, is one of the most unusual and elaborately designed homes on the block, lined with white clapboard and dominated by 4 towering Ionic columns.

It’s also one of the most photographed houses in Prospect Park South, according to Brownstoner, with strangely mismatched windows (one of which inspired this quote by Scouting New York: “This is what I imagine it looks like when a house possessed by evil opens one eye to stare at you.”)

The 10-bedroom home was built for George E. Gale in 1905 by developer Dean Alvord, father of the Prospect Park South neighborhood layout, and built by a one-hit-wonder architect, according to Brownstoner (this home is the architect’s only project on record.)

The Gale home has earned headlines as Brownstoner’s “building of the day” and Scouting New York’s “spookiest home in Brooklyn.” The New York Times also noted that “The Gale house is worth a special trip,” in 2008.

But despite the grandeur and elegance, this house has fallen into disrepair over the years, as evidenced by the rotting wood and chipping paint on almost every every surface.

This home is going for $2,988,000 (Zillow’s estimate monthly mortgage is $10,501.) Want to take a look inside? The open house is this Sunday, July 24 from 12pm to 3pm.

(Courtesy Zillow)
(Courtesy Zillow)
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  1. Noooooo! I have always wanted to buy this house. I just need a few more years to win the lottery!

  2. Hah! Silly me. I thought this was the Michelle Williams house. Was wondering what musicians were doing there the other evening.

    Well, hope it sells to someone who can get it back on its feet. It’s a mess.

  3. 3 million just to buy the lot since the house will probably collapse any day now from poor maintenance. Even if it survives, it’s going to be another million just to bring it back to life.

  4. Pretty sure this house sold for way, WAY less than that <1 year ago and has been unoccupied since…

  5. I believe this was the house filmed in the movie “Sophie’s Choice.” I have heard that ther windows are “mismatched” because this was the model house on Albemarle, and people could chose any of the windows for the house they would build.

  6. no, the ‘Sophie’s Choice’ house is 101 Rugby, around the corner from this house, which was used for, among other things, the 1990 movie “Reversal of Fortune” (the Claus von Bulow story)

  7. Went to the open house today and it was both incredible and incredibly bizarre. Loved it. But, how in God’s name are they asking $3M when it is not even livable? Zillow says the house directly across the street (which is gorgeous, pristine, and clearly updated) is estimated to be around the same price point. Zillow also says this house sold in Oct 2015 for $900,000…but clearly there’s been no work done to it since then. So puzzling! I need answers! I love this house!

  8. The house sold for $900k through a bank short sale back in October. I’m very sad and disappointed that random vultures can come into this neighborhood and poach homes just looking for profit.

  9. The answers are as follows: The previous owners have been trying to sell the house for years. But clearly it needs a lot of work and they just couldn’t find a buyer willing to put in the money. Then back in October the house randomly sold through a bank short sale. How did the current owner end up with that deal I’ll never know, but it left the previous owner with a loss. Lately I’ve noticed an uptick with developers and other vultures coming in and poaching homes that should be bought by end users. Anyway, the other day they had a huge party/openhouse as the listing went live, and the house will be featured on that reality show Million Dollar Listing. It seems like they’re trying to attract a completely different kind of buyer than those that have naturally gravitated to this neighborhood over the years. I don’t doubt they will sell it, and the owners will make a handsome profit no matter what the final price, but the whole situation just feels gross.

  10. Did anyone actually know the owners to know for sure that it was actually sold for $900k? I ask because you can search any house’s mortgage/title online at the Office of the City Register. And it seems like the sale in 2015 was to a Corporation (Albemarle Holdings Corp) which is what you would do if you wanted to transfer gains out of your name and put it into a holding corp (could be for inheritance reasons, split the gains, etc). I’ve seen quite a few of these extremely low sale prices go up on Zillow while the home never came up on either Zillow or Brooklyn’s foreclosure auction where they go for short sales. My guess is that it is not the owner selling the home for an extremely low price but rather them doing that to have the taxable gains happen at a corporate entity and not have large or any gains happen to themselves on the transfer of the asset. I could be wrong but most of these low price sales keep seeming to go to holding corporations.

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