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One Business Closes, Two Doors Down Another Opens

Eva Spa Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn
Eva Spa on Sheepshead Bay Road
artemida wedding gallery sheepshead bay brooklyn
Artemida Wedding Gallery (Click to enlarge)

Eva Spa is just about ready to open at 1409 Sheepshead Bay Road, and it looks like it’s shooting to be a high-end manicure-pedicure joint, with nice, big windows so pedestrians can gawk at your knobby toes.

Eva Spa is filling the void left when Socks & More kids’ boutique closed down more than a year ago. Unfortunately, as one void closes, another opens.

Artemida Wedding Gallery two doors down – at 1415 Sheepshead Bay Road – shuttered in late February and is completely cleared out.

Eva Spa: welcome to the neighborhood. Artemida: sad to see you go.

Best of luck to both of you.

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  1. i know Exactly who you are talking about too! he wants correct me if i’m wrong, 6k monthly that’s the price he gave me when i wanted to rent it out for a Printing shop. 🙁

  2. oh shut up – the market will work itself out – tennants will keep going under and eventually the landlord will either default on his mortgage or lower his prices. This place has become so fuckin socialist its hard to visit.

  3. It’s pathetic that you fail the understand the limitation’s of Adam Smith’s philosophy in a localized setting. The marketplace can fall apart due to the stupidity of a few people.

  4. So don’t visit. Not all change is good for your trinkle down rhetoric. Bad thing are to come, more so, sooner with attitudes like yours.

  5. A wise man told me the easiest way to find out if they’ll give you a handy is to ask one of the girls for ‘a soft touch’

  6. Its not trickle down fucknut – its basic economics – the landlord is practicing bad business that will eventually put him under and open up to a new landlord that will run the place more efficiently.

  7. Oh trust me Lisanne I totally understand – and the marketplace will not fall apart here – see my respond to nolastname below – whats the other suggestion? rent control on commercial locations? we saw/see how well that worked out in the residential rental market. $3500 1 bedroom manhattan rental anyone?

  8. Don’t live in Manhattan. It was pricey in many parts when rent regulations went into place. And the amount of new building going on skews the numbers. There are cheap apartments to be had in Manhattan, but they are rented before you have a chance to hear about it.

    Rent laws were set up, as all laws are, with loophole clauses that would allow landlords to increase rent dramatically under certain conditions. And then other scenarios came into play decreasing the overall number of rental units. When these events first occurred few people considered their long term impact.

    Lost capital is never healthy. The landlord who forced a business into bankruptcy has committed an unacceptable act which affects a number of people. Capital disappears, never to return. Let that happen enough times and a serious economic crisis ensues.

    Even in bad times the greedy do not know or accept the limitations of the marketplace. Look at the current scenario, a whole year passes before a tenant can be found to replace the one that vacated the space we are discussing. A year of lost revenue. Now another store vacates. I wonder how long that space will take to rent. Lost opportunities. How sad for all.

    Unfortunately, this in not the place for a long dissertation on the proper role of the marketplace in society

  9. At Midnight I am barely able to form a coherent sentence.

    No, I take that back. I can form them, I’m just too tried to type them.

    My new “ergonomic” keyboard isn’t making matters any easier.

  10. Your first reply in this thread contains “shut up”, and this one contains a personal insult. No wonder it’s hard for you visit here…

  11. Call me a fucknut? Whatever you have to say I don’t care to hear.
    Die a slow painful death.
    Call people names go to hell.
    Some medicine is hard to swallow. Take it like a man.

  12. Ever heard of “Supply & Demand”? Eco 101? I know this class is too sophisticated for KCC masses. Go live in North Korea you will like it there.

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