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On A Halloween Hurt By A Hurricane, What Will You Do?


We received the following e-mail from Eric L.:

I understand that focus is on the hurricane and damage and power right now. Since this is Halloween, I want to give the kids (two little girls, 7 and 3) something to think about besides the light and water for a change and just smiles, so I’m wondering if you know if businesses that are open will be inviting to trick-or-treaters tonight. Alternatively, do you know if there’s a mass consensus to go on a different day, or maybe just go to Kings Highway or somewhere more inland where they were likely less affected.

Eric’s right. At the moment, our entire neighborhood – or at least those in the hard hit areas below Avenue W – are quite focused on the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Many of us won’t even have to dress up – we’re already looking like zombies, milling around the neighborhood stunned at the damage and loss. I’ve seen too many blank stares this week.

So we like Eric’s idea. We might be struggling, but the world goes on, and kids and families in the neighborhood ought to find a little bit of joy as we push through this. Those of you with children, we encourage you to share your plans and invite your neighbors along.

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  1. Keep your kids home this Halloween. There is still too much debris on the street and a lot of damage that yet has to be assesed. Crews and thier equipment cannot work in a time effective manner if crowds are roaming about. Buy a few candy bars and tell your kids “next year”. Better safe then sorry.

  2. The street is dark and my building is dark. I’m not opening the door to any random people, I can’t even see who’s behind the door in the dark.

    So if you go out keep to the areas that have power please.

  3. the businesses on 86th street between 19th and 20th Ave are in full Halloween trick or treat mode

    – most business here were not affected and are at full capacity (light/water/internet) and stocked up on candy …

  4. I have a suggestion. How about next Saturday Night we choose a park and gather for a community halloween party. If the park has been cleaned up Bedford and X would be a great spot. Everyone should just get dressed and bring their kids and candy to share.

  5. My niece and nefew stayed with me through the hurricane their house is completely gone, floating in the Atlantic somewhere so I decided to take them trick or treating just to put a smile on their face and get their mind off things.

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