Ocean Parkway Named Most Dangerous Street for Pedestrians in Brooklyn


Senior Crosswalk Sign on Ocean Parkway

Ocean Parkway gets the title of most dangerous road in Brooklyn once again, according to a report released by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign. Their data looks at pedestrian fatalities over three years, and finds that two people were killed each year from 2009-2011, for a total of six deaths on that road. A total of 132 pedestrians were killed on Brooklyn streets over that three-year period.

According to their map, three of the Ocean Parkway deaths occurred in our area: a 51-year-old man was killed on June 7, 2011 at Beverley Road; a 68-year-old man was killed on July 15, 2009 near Ditmas Ave; and a 27-year-old woman was killed on November 2, 2010 at 18th Avenue.

Ocean Pkwy was number one in this list last year as well. There have been two pedestrian deaths per year on the road going back to 2008; in 2007, there were three pedestrians killed.

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  1. I was almost killed by a hit and run driver, while I was crossing (I had the green light) Ave C at Ocean Pkwy. I’d have died if cops hadn’t been there in five minutes to get me to surgery that saved my life though with lasting injuries and pain. And I am not old, I’m very big, and before this used to be very strong. We deeply need traffic calming here! Speed bumps, much more limited turn lanes, and enforcement of speed limits and no-turn signs would be a start.

  2. Oh no! I hope you again get strong. Ocean Parkway needs something, for sure. The left hand lights were an improvement as well as getting tickets for running reds. But taking a left onto Ocean Parkway from anywhere is scary. And everyone ignores the No Turn signs at Church and Ocean. Enforcing the speed limit would be a good place to start.

  3. When TSTC need to scare Park Slope they get stats to support that narrative. Now they want to scare Kensington, they go back and shake up the numbers. Just be careful when you cross the street and don’t get distracted by polemics.

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