Ocean Fish Market Now Open On 5th Avenue


Ocean Fish Market, 413 5th Ave
Fifth Avenue is getting more and more fishy — first Grand Central Oyster Bar Brooklyn, then word of Luke’s Lobster coming soon, and now Ocean Fish Market has made its move from 7th Avenue to the former Park Slope Veterinary Care space at 413 5th Avenue.

They opened last week, relocating from their former space on the corner of 7th Ave and 3rd St, which was listed for rent earlier this year, taking over the vet’s office after they moved to a newly renovated spot just up the block.

inside Ocean Fish Market
Just like at their old space, they’ve got both fresh fish — clams, at $4 per pound, were looking good when we stopped in yesterday — and sushi available to go. They’ll have menus available soon, as well as delivery for the sushi.

Though there are some other options for sushi on 5th (and, of course, there are also several on 7th), a fish market seems like a welcome addition to this end of the avenue — what do you think?

Ocean Fish Market is located at 413 5th Avenue between 7th and 8th Streets. Hours are Monday-Saturday 8am-7:30pm, and Sunday 9am-6:30pm.

  • N8ureBoy

    Very excited to check them out this weekend!

  • ParkSlopePerson

    I was so happy to see a fish market opening on 5th Ave. We haven’t had one in a billion years. But when I saw it was them, all happiness went away. I never shopped there when they were at 7th Avenue after more than a few bad experiences. & I will not be going there now.

    Sad also that there will be yet another empty storefront on 7th Avenue

  • Larry Lockhorn

    I hope they continue to offer the day-old sushi special!

  • Ed

    Be careful. This place is NOT good. The quality of fish is subpar. Had quite a few bad experiences. It seems like all the crappy businesses that couldn’t make it on 7th are just moving to 5th. 7th has a ton of vacancies and 5th is turning into 7th with chains and lots of mediocre crap.

  • lenny

    hopefully they wont give me a dirty look everytime I ask them for some more soy sauce then just 1 little packet for 4 rolls.