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Ocean Fish Market Moving From 7th To 5th Avenue


Ocean Fish Market Coming Soon to 413 5th Avenue
Signs went up recently in the former Park Slope Veterinary Care office at 413 5th Avenue, between 7th and 8th Streets, announcing that Ocean Fish Market will be opening soon. Fans of the Ocean Fish Market at 203 7th Avenue, on the corner of 3rd Street, will be happy to know that the fish monger/sushi space will be moving into this new spot.

We first learned in January that their 7th Avenue storefront, along with the adjacent former dry cleaners, was for rent, and today the owner confirmed that they’ll be out of that space in June. The new 5th Avenue location still needs some work before they can move in, though, and they’re hoping it will be up and running by July.

Though there are some other options for sushi on 5th (and, of course, there are also several on 7th), a fish market seems like a welcome addition to the avenue — agree, or disagree?

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  1. I normally would agree and was happy to see the sign up the other day about a fish market coming, but, now that I know it is this place, not so happy anymore. I never shop there, the few times I did, I was not happy with the selection or freshness of the fish.

    And, I most certainly wouldn’t call them a sushi place. I know you can buy sushi there (as you can at the fish market on the next block), but, it’s not like someone would say “hey, let’s go out to that fish market for sushi for dinner tonight’ LOL

  2. well the one on willoughby st is closed down, and its hard to find a fresh fish store anymore thats not too expensive. i will try this one.or go to bed stuy on fulton street.

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