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NYPD’s 61st Precinct Bulks Up With 18 New Officers


Eighteen new police officers are roaming the streets of Sheepshead Bay and the 61st Precinct, helping to keep citizens safe and sound from ne’er-do-wells.

At last month’s 61st Precinct Community Council meeting, Deputy Inspector Georgios Mastrokostas announced that reinforcements would soon arrive, and later in the month they did. The new officers hit the streets on Monday, April 16.

These aren’t new recruits, though – they’re veterans of impact zones throughout the city, an officer from the precinct’s Community Affairs Unit told Sheepshead Bites. Many of them were deployed around high-crime areas in Brooklyn South, and at least one comes from the Bronx.

New officers and old officers alike will have their hands full. Crime is up in the area nearly 40 percent overall from last year, according to CompStat statistics. Property crimes appear to be leading the way, with robberies up 63.8 percent, burglaries and grand larceny auto both up 20 percent, and grand larceny up 68.6 percent.

Welcome, officers! We look forward to the improvements you’ll bring to our community.

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  1. 4 month from now….. dunkin donuts quarterly report board meeting:  * We are happy to report that sales have sky rocketed in sheepshead bay, good job everyone! latest strategy of putting more cops in to that half empty 61 precinct pays off at last! *

  2. none of these cops roam the street. they all sit comfortably in their patrol cars and never got out except to pee. 

  3. they do come out to issue a summons to inflict more financial
    burden on people….meanwhile they do their dirty work steal and abuse their

  4. will somebody confiscate the damn annoying scooters the kids are riding in all around the block

  5. Does that mean the bribes go up along with the false arrests and phony citations?  Where is the Justice Department and FBI, that precinct is as dirty as it comes…18 new crooks added to a den of thieves.

  6. There’s a flea market sale going on at the United Methodist Church at the corner of Ocean Ave and Voorhies Ave, where usually the police show up to shooaway the non paying vendors who hang out trying to sell stuff…but, today no officers showed up. Wonder where they are.

  7. I have no problem with that. If I am doing noting wrong I have nothing to hide. 
    I welcome the random stops. 
    Mean, hard and fair. Our own HWY2, Gotta’ love the guy by Knapp on the belt. Met him once (not getting a summons) and the man is as sweet as he is tuff. 
    Come one, come all.

  8. yay! more illegal searches, harassment of drives, plain clothes officers breaking every protocol in the book and marijuana arrests. IT is time citizens take the City back from the NYPD. They are not gods, you pay their salary, DEMAND OPEN CARRY. More guns, less 20 year old pig cops

  9. Where’s the comment from some schmuck calling me a coward of any kind is way,way far from who I am.
    This is not your country to tell anyone to get out of. You Fucking piece of shit.
    I was born her and you are probably half my age you little dweeb. DIE.

  10. You want reality? You are exposing yourself to be a real ass. Reality Exposer what a joke, you wouldn’t know reality if it bit you on the ass. Do yourself a favor and do not write your BS comments, you are probably scared shit of the men in blue and would not know how to act around them. Pussy shit. I on the other hand do not fear police nor some ass with stupid comments. Now stay away from me little child or I will have to pull down your pants and give you a good spanking. LOL 

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