NYPD Reminds Pedestrians To Be Safe, Too, With New Posters


NYPD Pedestrian Safety Signs

It’s not just drivers the NYPD is reminding to be safe on our local streets — looks like pedestrians are being given a heads up, as well.

Following the news that the 78th Precinct has been running “failure-to-yield” stings in our area, issuing tickets to drivers who don’t give pedestrians the right of way, it was interesting to notice these new signs posted in businesses all over the neighborhood this week. So it seems the NYPD is targeting pedestrians as well, in an attempt to remind them to wait for the walk signal, and only cross at intersections.

“Why wait? Because collisions don’t!” the signs say, using the terminology that some traffic safety advocates have been struggling to get both the NYPD and the media to use, rather than the word “accident.”

So are these posters enough to inspire pedestrians to actually wait for the light, or to stop jaywalking? Probably not, but we do appreciate the effort, and hope they help in some way to remind people to be a bit more safe out there, whether walking, cycling, or driving.

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  1. Since we are doing these crosswalk stings to catch drivers, can we start also giving out jaywalking tickets again? And, tickets to pedestrians who cross against the light when it is not their turn to walk?

    The tickets for the crosswalks are a great idea, but, let’s be fair all around. oh, and how about tickets for bikers riding in the bike lane going in the wrong direction of traffic?
    if I make a legal turn onto a street with a bike lane, not expecting a bike to be coming at me because the bike lane goes in the other direction, and God forbid, I hit and injure the biker, I will be the one in trouble. So, yes, lets give out those crosswalk tickets to drivers but let’s also give out other tickets too

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