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Corrupt Politicians Ring Up More Than $49 Million For Taxpayers

Source: aresauburn via flickr

While it seems that every major American city has its own brand of political corruption, New York’s scandal plagued politicians are marked by the high cost their misdeeds inflict on taxpayers. The New York Post is reporting that the accumulated cost of all the illegal and unethical actions of dirty politicians have cost taxpayers at least $49,710,630.64 since 2006.

The rogues gallery is led by former state Comptroller Alan Hevesi, who cost the state $36 million in pension-fund management fees after taking nearly $1 million in illegal gifts; ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada, who funneled $7 million to himself and family members through a Medicare-funded nonprofit; and Assemblyman Vito Lopez, who cost taxpayers $103,000 in secret settlements after staffers accused him of sexual harassment.

The huge sum of money does not include the $440,000 in bribes that have recently put State Senator John Sampson in hot water. It also doesn’t include money promised by politicians that was never distributed, including $80,000 in discretionary funds given to a dummy company by Councilman Dan Halloran in exchange for a bribe.

The list of crooked pols also includes former State Senator Carl Kruger, who was bribed into funneling $900,000 to certain nonprofits. Kruger is currently serving a prison sentence on federal corruption charges.

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  1. The question is not if a politician is corrupt, it is when are they going to get caught.

  2. same goes for cops….we all under impression that they so fair and right and we know its BS…that we are afraid to challenge their authority…simple violation….just look around they park their private cars anywhere they feel like…next time look at their dashboard you will see a pig plaque, gives a pig special privilege but you and I will get a ticket for $115….everyday people just a herd. City is taking away more parking spots, removing driving lanes, creating special BS lanes like bus lanes just to get people on the edge…I will not be surprise if they will go ahead and make VIP lanes for crooks aka politicians, cops….

  3. please help to report a super corrupt politician. it seems that no one wants to act until all that was up for the taking is gone. How come no one is looking at how corrupt Igor Oberman is? Does he have to become Mayor for the right agencies to get interested? Politics in NYC is pathetic. Let people like him rob the innocent blind. They is no penalty.

  4. Since we honor, respect, idolize, gravitate toward, judge others by, pray at the altar of, game the system for, sell our souls for, shelter it, covet it, admire it, beg for it, hoard it, compound it, and occasionally deserve it, is there any wonder why Money shouldn’t be entwined to the point of strangulation in our political system?

  5. This is the Most Shameful thing from India’s Point of View.The Fund which is declared for Public Welfare also get invisible.

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