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Nostrand Pathmark Ranked One Of City’s Worst


Our very own Pathmark at 3785 Nostrand Avenue came in at number 21 out of the “25 Most Fined Supermarkets in New York,” paying $3,060 in fines.

According to the New York Post, hundreds of supermarkets were nailed during a Department of Consumer Affairs sweep in 2010, with citations for not displaying prices, overcharging and use of faulty scales, among other violations.

Almost half of the 650 supermarkets inspected during the crackdown last year received at least one violation, surprising even the DCA. Officials at the agency can’t figure out if supermarkets are just lazy and incompetent or actually malicious.

“I do know that the industry is not taking the incredibly low compliance rate seriously,” Consumer Affairs Commissioner Jonathan Mintz said. “Whether they’re enjoying the rewards or simply have a high tolerance for error, you’d have to ask them.”

As for our own Pathmark, it’s certainly not something to be proud of. Maybe the upcoming supermarket shuffle – which will see Pathmark close and replaced with another supermarket – isn’t such a bad thing after all.

[via Gothamist]

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  1. Shopping at this store has become a very unpleasant experience.
    Not only does the back of the store smell “fishy” – they do not carry name-brand cold cuts (preferably Boars Head). One cannot take a shopping cart to their car after 830 – sometimes earlier if the lazy person locking them up wants to do so.
    Self service registers not always working properly and/or even OPEN.
    And heaven forbid you “bother” them with a question!!!
    I do not know why it is thought that because we are in Brooklyn that we should be used to sub-standard stores. I stopped going there except for a quick run for an item or two because it became an unpleasant experience.

  2. I used to work at the pathmark on Nostrand and let me tell you i am not one bit surprised. The things i seen there made me cringe and not wanna buy stuff there. I seen some employees change dates on milk cartons. I knew some cashiers who overcharged on purpose and pocketed the extra money for themselves. The prices werent displayed on purpose because usually when someone rang it up and they saw the price they usually bought it and didnt give it back

  3. “Officials at the agency can’t figure out if supermarkets are just lazy and incompetent or actually malicious”

    Just find out if their extra profits exceeded the joke of a fine they paid. Then you’ll have your answer.

  4. Has anyone spoken to Fairway to see if they are interested. I do not remember seeing their name on the list of potentials. Would it be to small for them?

  5. Has been a shithole since day one. They were on the news because they loaded the fhelves with expired canned soups and pasta

  6. I have had numerous gross experiences with this supermarket, but reluctantly go there (as I will later) because it is within walking distance and I don’t drive. The worst was buying one of those bags of shredded cheese, the kind you buy for Taco Night, and deciding to take a pinch of some of the cheese once I got home. What I didn’t expect was the pinch of cheese I popped into my mouth was moldy. Not that I have ever tasted poop, but I imagine it doesn’t taste nearly as bad as moldy cheese. I get all my cheese from Silver Star now (their fresh mozzarella salad is the best I’ve ever had).

  7. Super Stop and Shop seems to hold a higher standard. One thing I do like about them is that put an effort in keeping the place clean and well maintained. All other supermarkets are just dirty. Then I go into WholeFood in Manhattan I see a much bigger difference.

  8. why not? Fairway’s is less expensive and has a better selection of fresh produce, meats, organic products and international foods than Stop and Shop, lousy Waldbaums and those rip off Cherry Hill/ Sheepshead Fruit Market type places. I say go for it.

  9. I’ve been in the Fairway in Red Hook. It’s not cheap and of course caters to the Yuppie/Hipster crowd.

  10. One can often get that same kind of taco type shredded at the 99 cent store on Z. It’s one of the remaining items of food that’s still 99 cents and I’ve never had a problem with it.

  11. Associated, C-Town, Key Food are all at the same level and I hate to think we might end up with one of them. Remember the politicians involved do not really care what goes there as long as SOMETHING does so they can tell us how much they did for us.
    I am sure Trader Joe will not come in here.
    Meanwhile I will continue to go to Stop and Shop

  12. OMG Marie – you are not kidding about the stink of fish. I would NEVER buy seafood/fish of any kind there, cold cuts either. I go all the way to Meat supreme on West 6th for them. The only employee I ever had problems with was that bitch ZELDA – remember her? After tearing her a new one, she never mouthed off at me again.

  13. Funny you should mention, knock wood, I haven’t had a cold in quite a couple of years. Strange, now that I think about it. Could it be related?

  14. I wanted to make little extra money on the side for my daughter’s upcoming college tuition. So I applied. Mind you, I have an education and I have a full time job as an Senior accountant with one of the corporations in the financial district. I speak English and Russian, no one can even tell I am Russian born and came here when I was already 19, I have no accent that would give me away. Anyway, I applied on line back in November of 2010, hoping for Xmas they would need extra help. Couple of weeks passed by and I called the store to find out if they would consider me for a part time gig. I followed up with another call and then when I was in the store, as I am a customer, I asked to speak to the manager about hiring. Promises were made and I was told that there are couple of people ahead of me to consider. OK, I am not saying I am the best, however next time I was in the store, I took a look at cashiers ( the position I applied for) and took an inventory. Results were not impressive: indifferent faces, skeptical attitude, slow pace. If they passed up my resume and hired those kids, then they can rip what they saw. I am not setting my foot there again and only going to ShopRite from now on. Better prices, better service and at least I do not feel like they are doing me a favor by ringing me up.

  15. 2 things. First, why do you go into such detail about your proficiency in the English language? And second and more important, what did your resume look like if you’re a senior accountant and you wanted to be a cashier? Don’t you think you were a little overqualified?

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