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Everyone Calm Down: That Smoke Smell Is Just New Jersey Burning

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Source: Clayton Collier/Twitter

UPDATE (11:55 a.m.): The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has issued an Air Quality Advisory until 11 p.m. tonight. Those with respiratory concerns should reduce outdoor activity.

Original story:

A brush fire in a state park in New Jersey is throwing up smoke, blowing north into New York City, filling communities in Southern Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island with an acrid smell this morning.

The New York Post reports:

“Due to a brush fire in the Wharton State Park in New Jersey, residents in Staten Island & Brooklyn may smell smoke,” tweeted the NYC Office of Emergency Management at around 1:45 a.m.

The nearly 123,000-acre park, located in Burlington County, is roughly 70 miles from the southern tip of New York City. Odors were reported from Staten Island to Brooklyn and Manhattan.

DNAinfo adds:

About 30 acres of the park ignited Sunday night and sent a plume of smoke into the sky that could be seen from miles around, according to NBC, which added that the flames haven’t injured anyone or burned any buildings.

The smoke smell remained in the area until late morning.

An AP report says no one has been injured and no structures damaged in the fire. As of 9:30 a.m., firefighters had managed to contain about 30 percent of the blaze.

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  1. I smelled smoke at 8 am today and even checked the basement to make sure the hobos weren;t roasting marshmellows. It’s weird to get Jersey smoke.

  2. I smelled smoke early this morning (like 2:00 a.m. early, was up late), and checked around the house; it seemed to be stronger outside, so I just ignored it after that. Near Neck Road and Ocean Ave.

  3. That was something like 8 miles as opposed to 80 miles. But, yes, it was weird. Even weirder, because it wasn’t just smoke, but debris. I still have burned papers that rained down in my backyard that day.

  4. I found a partly burnt page of a contract in my backyard in October 2011 while raking leaves. I am glad to know that I was not the only one who got those after 9-11.

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