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New York Magazine Shows Mimi’s Hummus & Wheated Some Love


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Looks like the beloved souvlaki and shakshuka eggs at Mimi’s Hummus and Wheated‘s Ditmas Park and Kensington pizzas (not to mention a whole lot of other things) have landed the two neighborhood joints some serious love from New York Magazine – which just named them two of their best “cheap eats” in the five boroughs.

In the magazine‘s June 30-July 13 edition, Mimi’s is ranked number 25 and Wheated landed in 34th place in the publication’s “101 Best (New) Cheap Eats” list.

New York Magazine says:

Mimi Kitani is known for her hummus, which she blends with lemon and garlic, enriches with olive oil, and tops with everything from fava beans to cinnamon-tinged ground beef. And rightly so: It’s the quintessence of comfort food, even if you weren’t born in Israel, as Kitani was, to Moroccan and Kurdish parents. But the chef is capable of much more, including a luscious lamb pie slicked with tahini, and a sometime special of kuba, a tart Iraqi beef-dumpling soup. The room is tiny and welcoming, with the air of a neighborhood café that’s open all day, from breakfast shakshuka to postprandial mint-and-sage tea.

And for Wheated:

The conventional penny-pinching wisdom holds that the great Naples-style pizzerias—the Kestés, the Ribaltas, the Companys, and the Motorinos—have priced themselves out of the Cheap Eats realm. But Wheated gives the lie to the belief that you can’t make a nicely charred, tender-crusted Neapolitan-esque pizza with a micro-layer of crispness and keep the price point to under $15 per pie on average. Credit David Sheridan, a Paulie Gee’s acolyte, all the more for working his magic in an electric oven. Bonus points for a well-curated menu of rigorously made cocktails.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Ditmas Park eateries have been lauded – last year Mimi’s Iraqi sandwich was given major props by Brooklyn Magazine. And we’re sure this will be one of many accolades for Wheated.

wheated opening making pizza

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  1. I think both restaurants are good but it always bewilders me that Mimi’s counts as a cheap eat. $9 hummus is not cheap for hummus, even though I guess it’s cheaper than, like, a steak dinner.

  2. I’ve never tried Wheated. Mimi’s rules though. Yes, you might say, $9 is a lot for hummus, but you could look long and hard before finding hummus like Mimi’s. Best I have ever had, hands down. The mushroom hummus is my favorite.

  3. Cafe Tibet is our favorite in the neighborhood. But if 2 more people find out about it, we’ll never get a table!

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