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New York Army Corps Of Engineers To Perform Emergency Dredging For Jamaica Bay

Photo By Jeremy Drakeford

The New York District Army Corps of Engineers will perform an emergency dredging along the Atlantic Coast of New York City, including Jamaica Bay, for the purposes of beach nourishment, according to a report by Dredging Today.

The plan consists of dredging the federal navigation channel at Jamaica Bay and transferring the dredged up material to nourish Rockaway Beach.

Local residents have long wished for Sheepshead Bay to be dredged because the water in the Bay itself is too shallow, so it would be nice of the Army Corps of Engineers to swing by our parts and do a little digging – but it doesn’t look like we are being included in those plans.

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  1. A friend of mine told me at low tide a boat can hit bottom going into Sheepshead Bay if not properly navigated.

  2. Sadly, because of the old fueling facilities along the north shore of Sheepshead Bay, DEP requires dredging permits for any private entity to do anything and these permits are extremely expensive and prohibitive.
    So, unless the Corps. of Engrs. does the dredging……….it ain’t happening!!! Stella Maris has NO water at low tide. Varuna has about 14″ at low tide and this carries east through the other Clubs and Marinas. Plumb Beach is likely to extend out to Kingsboro.
    I would venture to predict that the mooring field will continue to lose water depth exponentially over the next 5 years to a point where there will no longer be enough water to navigate.

  3. Dredging is needed in Sheepshead Bay for the last twenty plus years in the navigable channel both North & South channels. It would save a lot of tax payer money to use that sand from the Bay and dump it along Plumb Beach, instead of barging the sand in from far away. The waste is scandalous and they could accomplish two tasks in one easy operation. We can only hope the powers that be wake up to this simple realization.

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