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New Vape Shop Opens On Avenue U, Replacing Kings County Divers

(Source: NextGen via Yelp)

NextGen Vape Shop, a new business dedicated to e-cigarettes and liquid nicotine vaporizers, has opened at 2417 Avenue U, the former location of Kings County Divers.

The store opened its doors within the last few days. It’s the first vape shop we know of that has opened in the area, and, as we previously reported, another one is headed to Sheepshead Bay Road.

Although both stores seem to be positioning their vapeware as their primary offering, they both also have signs that say “smoke shop,” which suggests tobacco, glassware and accessories.

The business is replacing Kings County Divers, which closed in February after 40 years serving the community.

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  1. You obviously have never Vaped… See nicotine comes in liquid now… which is A LOT less harmful then tobacco is.

    If your talking about Weed, it’s 2014 who the hell cares?

  2. No worries we will soon open our online store for everyone’s convenience: please stay tunned. Thanks for everyone’s support!

  3. ShadowLock,
    I am 24, so I’m pretty familiar with all the stuff that burns and vaporizes.
    And I will have to argue with you about “liquid nicotine” vaporizers being A LOT less harmful than tobacco.

  4. Ah technology! Ah humanity!
    And now, as an homage to old school “ceci n’est pas une pipe” joint rolling, here’s another of my legendary pot parodies from back in the day:

    (Tune: “I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate”)

    I went to see my dealer with my sister Kate
    We went on business, to cop some weight
    I realized a thing or two
    Our man was into some good boo, well

    Katy rolled a joint from off the top of the pound
    She rolled it firm and she rolled it round
    Our man he was surprised indeed
    About how Katy rolled that weed

    Wish I could roll a reefer like my sister Kate
    She really rolls ’em round, firm, and straight
    A fella asked me the other night
    “How does your sister Katy roll her joints so tight?” well

    Everybody in the neighborhood
    Knows Kate can roll and that she rolls real good
    I may be late, but you won’t find me straight
    When I can roll ’em like my sister Kate, oh yeah
    When I can roll ’em like my sister Kate
    Copyright 1965
    Andrew S. Kent

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