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New Tattoo Parlor On Gravesend Neck Road


Da Vinci Tattoo and Body Piercing is now open on the corner of East 19th Street and Gravesend Neck Road. From the signs in the window, it looks like they’re offering 30 percent off for their grand opening. So if you’ve been waiting for the recession to hit the ink industry before getting that “Mr. Cool Ice” tattoo, wait no longer.

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  1. Is this a new trend in the area?
    Noticed also a tattoo shop opening on Knapp street by the belt.
    Little parking area with Dunken Donuts, Subway and a liquor store.

    Maybe get a one drink or six before and/or after the tattoo..

  2. OOohh, OOoohh, maybe I will pierce something. I see a lot of that.
    Just have to find a spot that is not too wrinkled or droopy. LOL

  3. We don’t need a tattoo parlor on Neck Road we need a pizza place, coffee shop that’s makes egg creams or a bakery that’s make good italian bread. Like years ago. Anyone remember Pepatones bakery on Neck Road? lol

  4. I remember that an then some. My brother put down the floor in the bakery on Neck Rd. between 14 n 15 street.
    My neighbor owned the candy store on Neck Rd and 19 Street. Trudy’s that used to be by 206 was a relative.
    I remember the sewing factory where the hair salon is now.
    I am glad to see something other than a bar. Maybe they have a shot at affording the rent.
    It has been more quiet in the immediate area since the last establishment closed up shop.
    Neck Rd can use a lot of enhancement. I do not think this is a bad start, brings some color to the area.

  5. if it’s a bakery you’re looking for, I’ve been very pleased with Vito’s on U (betw 19th and Ocean) only two blocks away.

  6. Vitos is awesome, the most delicious bread.

    Also, there a new tattoo place on U and 16th above the Subway style sandwich shop. Is there really such a huge market that all these shops can survice? I somehow doubt it.

  7. Yes I do recall all of those stores on Neck Road. There was others also near the Neck Road station. These are all good memories.

  8. The best small kizer rolls in the bay. I loved Weisens sad when they went out of business. The little coffee table by the mirrors on the side wall so nice and everyone new everyone passed the time with a cup of coffee and a roll. Those were the days.

  9. This could go on & on. Vito’s is a good bakery no bad for the neighborhood they are the only one around. Thank God for that.

  10. I don’t think the area is starved for tattoos. Especially, opening as winter approaches. I give it 4 months until the seed money runs out.

  11. Da vinci tattoo is a sick place. They do amazing work, and i believe that they will be very successful. You should go and check them out.

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