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New Synagogue Slated For Ocean Parkway And Ave U

Source: Friends of Ocean Parkway

Our friends at the Friends of Ocean Parkway blog tipped us off to the soon-to-be-constructed Edmond J. Safra Synagogue, coming to Ocean Parkway at Avenue U.

We called over to Rabbi Elie Abadie of Congregation Edmond J. Safra in Manhattan, but he told us the new building was not officially affiliated with his flock, but just that they share the same name.

According to the Manhattan congregation’s website, Edmon J. Safra was a “Lebanese-born [Sephardic] Jew who rose to prominence in the banking industry, [and] supported a remarkable diversity of institutions and charities during his lifetime.”

Welcome to the neighborhood, Safra Synagogue.

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  1. [email protected]

    Fitting… Safra who “earned” his fortune laundering drug money from the russians and Columbian and made his niche by offering armored car service to pick up the bloodstained cash from his “clients” has a new monument in the heart of the largest collection of international criminals in America. Too bad Safra was preparing to turn on the russians and turn over all of their illicit transactions to INTERPOL, or he would not have “been burned to death by his butler” by the his “clients” and would be alive to enjoy this “honor”.

  2. If Uncle Sam had a penny for every unpaid tax dollar on such properties (including private residence which are listed as schools/places of worship and such) we would be looking at a whole different ball game.

  3. [email protected]

    Can we have the Alphonse Capone Roman Catholic Church or the John Gotti Memorial Chapel in Brooklyn too?

  4. Nolastname, why is it every time there is a Jewish themed story, your name pops up in the comment section like a bad case of syphilis and you try to give it a negative spin. Be honest, if a Jewish doctor saved your life, your comment to that story would be, Jewish doctor makes money from the sick.

  5. Lets see:

    Number of times @Nolastname referred to anything Jewish in her post: zero.
    Number of times @Tuth refers to “Jewish” in his/her accusatory reply: three.

    Don’t shoot your cause in the proverbial foot.

  6. Because my Father caught it from your Mother. The truth hurts.
    Jewish doctors pay plenty of taxes and malpractice insurance.
    I worked for 3 very religious Jews. They all paid taxes and did not declare their home as a temple. There’s a difference.

  7. Got nothing to say to Vintagejames? I realize if you ignored my posts you would have nothing to do. Poor baby.

  8. You are really lame and off topic. Maybe your dislike of Jews is cause you keep on working for them. In any case, lame.

  9. Just following your lead P.A.L.
    Talking about off topic. You are good for a laugh.
    P.S. My first husband was a Jew. Didn’t dislike “them” then and don’t dislike “them” now.
    I still and always will call it like I see it.
    Not trying to please you or anyone. Never will.
    I’d love to meet your sorry ass. LOL

  10. So I can take pics of you blowing shit out your pie hole. What drugs do you do that you can’t keep track of your own BS?

    Let me know when you figure out the pattern, it’s similar to you hounding me because you are bored and lonely.

    Ba-Bye. I had enough of your kindergarten mentality.

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    There is a cut off time, bed time. lol

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  15. Wow, I thought you already said Ba-Bye. Meanwhile I did shopping, played with my kid in the park and did a bunch of other stuff and you are STILL here trying to validate yourself. I guess the verdict here is that in a year or so there will be a new Jewish center, and you will still be on here posting crap.

  16. So you took a 3 hour break with some goat in the park and ran back to the keyboard. Seems like you need to prove apoint. You are no judge nor jury and yes, there will be a Synagogue…so what?
    I bet you will be right here being a troll.
    Again the odds are against you. P.A.L.

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