New STEM-Focused Liberal Arts Private School Opening (Partner)


It is no secret that finding the right school for your kids (and getting a seat) can be challenging to say the least. Given that high school letters went out Monday, some families will be relieved to know that there are still excellent options available if their children didn’t get a seat at a coveted specialized school. BASIS Independent Brooklyn is a new option offering world-class learning at an exceptional value. The school is currently accepting applications for fall 2014 for grades K-10.

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More on the Red Hook facilities here.

The new private school is based on the top-ranked curriculum of BASIS.ed schools. In 2013, BASIS Tucson and BASIS Scottsdale were ranked as the #2 and #5 Best High Schools in America according to U.S. News and World Report. Featuring an innovative K-12 academic program, the differences between BASIS Independent Brooklyn and the traditional school are many.

  • Rolling admissions (still reviewing applications for this fall) and no standardized testing.
  • A Primary School program featuring two — yes, two — teachers in every classroom. No student is allowed to fall through the cracks; no student is ever left to “cruise.”
  • Connections Class, where students integrate all their studies, presented with a problem requiring creative, collaborative teamwork, igniting critical thinking in the youngest of students.

Here’s more on what makes BASIS Independent unique:

Head of School Jill McConnell says, “At BASIS, critical thinking is essential to student success. By teaching students to read, write, and think critically, we prepare them for fulfilling lives and successful careers.” By senior year, students are ready for higher education with a distinctive edge, already having taken (at least) six Advanced Placement courses, and having the opportunity for autonomous learning in their Senior Research Project.

Maximizing that edge is the BASIS college counseling approach: far in advance of “application fever,” BASIS students are meeting daily with counselors for an individualized approach to finding the right higher-education fit. That’s one reason the 106 students comprising the class of 2013 were accepted into 540 colleges, earning more than $14 million in merit scholarships.

For more information, please attend an information session by clicking here, calling 718-643-6302, or writing to info@BASISindependentBrooklyn.com. Transportation by private bus or water taxi is available!

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  1. I may well have missed the news (was away), but did this school get final approval? They’ve certainly been flooding local blogs with ads.

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