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New Public Garbage Cans, Is There Improvement?


A new Sanitation Department litter basket appeared on the corner of East 14th Street and Avenue Z this morning, making us wonder if the agency is finally showing concern for the torrent of trash pouring daily onto Sheepshead Bay’s streets.

At the same time, we’ve heard from a smattering of residents that the new garbage pickups that went into effect on July 1 has been improving the situation.

Have you noticed any new garbage cans in your area? Has the situation improved since July 1?

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  1. I haven't seen any of the new pails but I will say the situation regarding the overflow of trash hasn't improved at all. Especially by the Sheepshead Bay Station. Every night I come out of there on my way home from work and the overflow of garbage in the pails is unbelievable! I expect to see rats at any given moment.

  2. WOW ONE is better then none. What happened this is a big thing for Sheepshead Bay.
    When the squeaky wheels get started and stamp your feet yell out loud we have a new trash basket.

  3. The other week I saw two on the same corner of Avenue U and 14th Street. Maybe they were having a rubbish rendevous?

    Garbage can # 1: Hey Lucy! I'm home!

    Garbage can # 2: Ooh Ricky, could you take out the humans today?

    Garbage cans have tales to tell. First it was shopping carts now it's the turn of the Trash Bins.

  4. I'm glad Sheepshead Bay has new garbage cans – Ave. U is just terrible – I think the garbage was worse on Ave U – from Ocean Ave. to Coney Island Ave. Maybe you can help with this problem! It's really unhealthy…..thanks mp

  5. If the store owners would stop filling them up the minute they get picked up …maybe people would have a place to throw their coffee cup or newspaper..instead of on the ground.

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