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New Petition Against The Jamaica Bay Gas Pipeline Targets President Obama

The proposed placement of new natural gas pipelines from Williams and National Grid. Source: Williams
Opponents of the proposed Jamaica Bay gas pipeline have crafted another petition to showcase their disdain for the plans, following the U.S. Senate’s approval of the pipeline proposal.

Barbara Pearson, a Floyd Bennett Field Gardens Association member, helped write the petition, which she hopes will convince President Barack Obama to veto H.R. 2606, the legislation that will authorize industrial use of Floyd Bennett Field and appropriate part of the park to Williams Companies and National Grid.

Pearson writes:

Please sign my petition asking President Obama to veto HR 2606 – you will be asked to create an account on in order to sign this petition but it is extremely easy and they will email you a link that takes you right back to the petition once your account has been created. We need 150 signatures for the petition to be viewable on If we get 25,000 signatures, the Obama administration says it will respond to the petition, so please forward this link far and wide.

Pearson joins a long list of advocates who oppose the pipeline, such as the Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline (CARP). According to CARP, if the pipeline is allowed to course through part of the Rockaways and potentially create environmental hazards, it would create a precedent by which future pipeline projects would be able to operate in other federally-funded parklands for similar projects.

An excerpt from the petition states:

 In addition, we feel the risk this legislation poses to ALL national parks being given over to inappropriate uses cannot be overstated when one considers that NPS is increasingly motivated to solve its maintenance backlog by entering into private “partnerships” as a source of financing. In fact, the “rehabilitation” of the hangars at Floyd Bennett Field at no cost to NPS is openly cited as a reason this inappropriate use will be implemented if H.R. 2606 becomes law.

Let your view be known – to pipeline or not to pipeline?

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  1. After the recent problem in Paerdegat Basin, this issue needs some serious study before it is allowed to proceed. Where are our elected reps when we really need them?

  2. More brainwashed drooling sheep fighting against a needed utility pipeline that provides them with the electricity to make asinine petitions and heat their their hovels.

  3. Thanks for posting Sheepshead Bites. Barbara Pearson, a Floyd Bennett Garden Assocatiation member wrote the petition which allows an industrial facility to be built and operated in hangar row in the park. Despite the fact that the National Park Service has a very clear policy on Civic engagement which says that “the public has a right to know about the challenges that confront the National Park Service and to participate in the process by which we find solutions to those problems”, NPS has not allowed park users or environmental advocate who work closely with the park to participate in the decision to allow industrial use of Floyd Bennett Field. Neither the passing of the bill nor the decision by NPS to allow this above ground metering and regulating station to be built in the park involved public comment or serious debate.
    I’m proud to know Barbara and to have signed that petition.

  4. That’s right. It’s the people who DON’T believe absolutely anything the self-serving, profit-driven gas and pipeline companies tell them who are the brainwashed drooling sheep.
    I don’t live in a hovel and I pay a little more per month for my electricity because I choose to support wind power.

  5. This should be sent to Mrs. Obama as she is a very outspoken person regarding the use of our national parks. She needs to think just how many times Air Force One flies right over Floyd every time it takes off or lands. Maybe she’ll have a big say at that point and try and pursuade Mr. Obama to block this taking place.

  6. I am a member of CARP and have been involved with other people who are resisting this planned pipeline and metering station. You don’t even know us! Believe me, we are anything but “brainwashed drooling sheep.”

  7. If anyone out there enjoys using our National Parks, I urge them to sign Ms. Pearson’s excellent petition located at Under the current law, it is illegal to build an industrial facility in a National Park. After all, our National Parks were created for recreational purposes and to preserve nature. It took an act of Congress, HR 2606, to carve out an exception. If signed into law by Pres. Obama, HR 2606 would set a dangerous precedent, allowing the creation of a pollution spewing metering station right in the heart of Floyd Bennett Field. In a place as crowded and polluted as NYC, we need as much fresh air and clean park space as possible. We do not need an industrial facility right inside a National Park.

  8. The chemical that gives natural gas an odor is added at the metering station. Will FBF now smell like a rotten egg?

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