New Map Makes 311 Complaints Look Kind Of Sweet

Map via Here Here
311 complaints rarely seem very funny when we’re making them (or dealing with the frustration that comes when they’re not efficiently responded to), but there’s something about maps with pictures or sound that just makes stuff like garbage, rats, and potholes a little more entertaining.

Now online to inform residents (and maybe make some light of) the most common complaints across NYC is Here Here, an interactive map that shows subscribers the fluctuation of issues in their neighborhoods based on the most recent data from 311.

In the most recently updated version of the map, for instance, common problems in our area — dubbed “Northwest Brooklyn” — include worries about a few unsafe demolition issues and homeless encampment, but notes that garbage complaints are down. The site also shows how neighborhood complaints have changed in the past year or so — a year ago, the big issue was poor street conditions.

You can keep checking the map (where you can also sign up for their email list) for updates, or follow them on Twitter.

Image via Here Here

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