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New Management At Puff Caffe Seeks To Make It An Actual Cafe


It seems like every spring there’s a new thing going on over at the 1307 Avenue Z Puff Caffe storefront. Back in 2011, they renovated and introduced cheese and chocolate fondue to their lineup. In 2012, they closed for renovations.

Now, in 2013, they’re switching gears altogether and are going full-steam-ahead on a true cafe concept – and with a tweaked name, Puff Cafe & Coffee. There’s counter-service for coffee, tea and espresso beverages from Italian coffee maker Lavazza, pastries, comfortable seating and free wi-fi. There’s a whole new menu, and I’m assuming the signage will change soon to reflect that it’s more of a cafe than a hookah and fondue lounge.

One very important change is that they’ve opened up the front of the store to natural light with a glass storefront – making the whole place a lot more welcoming.

They haven’t changed their website yet ( – not cafe!), so we can all still enjoy the boo-bee-boo-bop dance beat that starts playing on every single load of every single page without a way to turn it off. We’ll miss that.

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  1. It really seams like the person running this place has no idea what they are doing. If they want to have a chance at success they need to completely rebrand this place and import some hipsters from Williamsburgh to run it. Not that I am a big fan of hipsters but still would be better service than if it’s run by Russians. Or how about a burger place, TopBrgr look like it’s out of business.

  2. Now that I can actually see into the place, I may step foot in there. I won’t go into any place I can’t see into. Especially food places. I don’t know why establishments cloak their place in secrecy, I think they keep away mucho customers that way.

  3. I was there today. They did good job. No more “kids” there. I love Lavazza and they sell that coffee 3 min away from me. Apricot Danish was very good and fresh to. Cakes are cheap. And the most important thing it’s new menu. I will try, they have a burgers to, and I love burgers. I think the owner try to bring more stuff for us. We need place like that in sheepshead bay area. Free Wi Fi from puff cafe & coffee)))))

  4. We need place like that in our community. Good coffee, nice and big place to enjoy your cup. I order cheeseburger and that was very good and big.

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