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New Lab Cuts Ribbon On Innovative Space Bringing 350 Jobs To Navy Yard

Stephen Levin, Howard Zemsky, Diana Reyna, Alicia Glen, David Belt, Scott Cohen, David Ehrenberg (Courtesy Sam Deitch/
Stephen Levin, Howard Zemsky, Diana Reyna, Alicia Glen, David Belt, Scott Cohen, David Ehrenberg (Courtesy Samantha Deitch/

The ongoing renaissance of the Brooklyn Navy Yard continued with the inauguration of an innovative new space.

New Lab’s co-founders David Belt and Scot Cohen cut the ribbon on June 21 along with several stakeholders from private and public partnerships at New Lab’s new 84,000 square foot space in Building 128 (63 Flushing Avenue), inaugurating a facility that’s projected to employ 350 people from 50 different companies focusing on innovation in science and technology.

“Ideally, we not only help while companies are here, but to great a network that transcends how long a company stays in the Navy Yard. It’s all about creating a community of entrepreneurs,” said New Lab co-founder David Belt.

The ribbon cutting ceremony (Courtesy Samantha Deitch /
The ribbon cutting ceremony (Courtesy Samantha Deitch /

New Lab is part of a massive drive by public and private entities to reimagine the Navy Yard as a tech hub rivaling Silicon Valley.

“We expect to double the number of jobs at the Brooklyn Navy Yard to 15,000 by 2020,” said New York City Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen.

Among the companies that will be in residence at New Lab is Honeybee Robotics, which produces some parts used for the Mars Rover project.

Another firm that will be in residence will be Terreform, which recently debuted a new survivalist pod that combines cricket farming with basic shelter.

The Navy Yard has seen an influx of new talent and investment recently. Building 77 recently welcomed the Brooklyn Brewery and venture capital incubator 1776. Moreover, a massive Wegman’s supermarket is planned for 2018.

Rebecca Birmingham, creative director and general counsel of New Lab, also focused on the connection between development in the Navy Yard and in Brooklyn at large.

“This is an opportunity for companies to come, join us, and really grow,” said Birmingham, who added that once the companies are out of the growth-stage, they can “stay here in Brooklyn.”

New Lab also intends to have a public component, as it will host monthly public programming events at Building 128 starting later this fall. The events will focus on developments in STEM fields.

“People have a sense of optimism about what could happen here,” said New Lab co-founder Scott Cohen.

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