Southern Brooklyn

New Graffiti Hits Sheepshead Bay


Graffiti underneath the train overpasses is nothing new, but I saw this piece of street art up today in a few locations. Could it be a new artist is plastering the area? Or is our favorite Red Fish Smoking back with some new installments? It certainly looks to be in his style, and is the same sort of sticker he’s been using for some time. Is it wrong that I actually kind of like this one?

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  1. Street Art? The person who did this is just a jerk, to put it nicely. And just because he has some mental problems, does not mean he should get off, if caught.

  2. I passed by DiVinci on Neck Road and E19 Street to find the owner (George) of the tattoo parlor with Lewis and Sam cleaning up the graffiti.
    One thing I can actually thank Bloomberg for.

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