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New Digs For Kings Highway Computer Store

Computer Software Plus, a long-lived computer parts supply retailer, is shutting the doors at its 1722 Kings Highway location after 27 years in business. They’ll be squashing their retail efforts, moving to the second floor of 1612 Kings Highway and remain open as a repair and computer service shop.

“We’re closing because retail shopping has diminished. Everyone shops online for computer products and retail rents are very high. It’s simple economics, really,” the owner told us.

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  1.  if they are willing to sell some of their products at the same price as online i’ll come in and pick it up!

    otherwise, over paying is a big No No in my life.

  2. They’ve fixed and rebuilt 2 of my computers for me. 

    The service could be a tad faster but I guess the fact that they remain open at all is a testament to their skill/quality.

    The last time I ended up building a whole new machine, i overpaid but I wasn’t willing to wait for the parts to come via newegg myself.

    These guys should offer to accept your parts shipments from online retailers and to build your machines for you. 

  3.  it’s not free.

    But that’s why they charge what they charge…..  Same with staples.

    a 16GB San Disk Flash drive in staples costs about $40.00.

    on Newegg it costs $17….. for the same pos.

  4. The economy is fuqed up because of shopping online.You will always get your good deal but i pray you all get to when your item does not work properly,or you simply have a basic question and nobody will help you.Online shopping killed the world,killed small business,put your mom and pops out of business and paved the ways for wallmart.

  5. The assembly line and robotics killed everything! We should go back to the days where every single item is built by hand. Then we would have 0% unemployment!

  6. I did plenty of business with this store, probably late 80’s early 90’s.  Had one bad experience, they told me they had a certain hard drive, kept me hanging for awhile, then told me they didn’t have it (I have a feeling someone else got it)…. But one story does not a pattern make, all other dealings with them went well.  But like million others, I started to order online, where it was cheaper and I had more choice.

  7. Good riddance. I worked there 12 years ago, for a short period of time. Some of the strangest bag of weirdos I ever encountered. Some… I still remain friends with today, which is like maybe… 2.

  8. when i went there to purchase a custom built computer with my hard earned money, the guy asked me how much I could spend. I said around $1500 at most. guess what, he built me a shitty system worth around $700 for $1500. 

  9. i agree with that.

    Before people would fill up cereal boxes, now Robotic’s do it.

    So a Big company like Keelogs once had lets say about 150 employees packing cereal, now only have 10, who make sure everything is properly drawn, and packaged.  

  10. Back in 1995 or 96 the best computer that a person could get was a Pentium 2 233mhz  with 8mb Ram, and 20 GB hard drive.

    for $2300

  11.  In those days Tiger was making computers to order which ran up to about $1600. Don’t  remember the precise specs but they were about as good as one could get at that time.

  12. Used to be a long time customer from the 80’s until I bought a bad copy of XP from them, when XP was the relevant system.  Upon trying to return it, you’d think I’d committed a capital offense.  After a while, they realized I wasn’t going away anytime soon, so they insisted on going through the install themselves, which stalled where I kept telling them it would.  Finally, after close to an hour of bickering, I got a replacement disc.

    Needless to say, I never went back.  Moral of the story:  Don’t piss off your long time customers.  Retail misfortune couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch.

  13. the bottom line is i rather shop at the store even tho its a bit more money..but one thing i like about it..if something happens to go wrong..i can go back in there and talk to them face to face. which is an awesome option for me..ive ordered online and had arguments with people over email..see if it was face to face i have an option to punch them directly in the face..which you can not do in emails..but than again most of you ppl who commented are computer frogs who never leave your ordering online is accustomed to your boring life…COMMENTED BY SILVER.. come see me if your gangsta 🙂

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