New Bike Racks On Cortelyou


New Bike Racks on Cortelyou

A few new bike racks were installed yesterday on Cortelyou Road between Stratford and East 17th Street, and it already looks like they were needed.

The placement seemed a little unusual, placed further away from the curb than another one just out of frame of the photo above, but aside from simply avoiding the cobblestones, the distance from cars parking on the street may be an advantage.

“I’m so glad to have them here, we needed more bike parking,” Bob, a barista at Qathra, told us this morning, noting that his was one of the bikes locked up to one of the new racks. “It’s nice that these are further from the curb. I locked my bike to the muni meter once, and a truck bumped right into it.”

If you think there’s a place in the neighborhood that could use more bike parking, you can request racks online. The city will consider the request, and if the location is approved, it will be added to the contractor’s next order for manufacturing and installation.

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  1. The can’t install racks on cobblestones. That’s why they were put near the edge of the concrete sidewalk.

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