New Bike Racks on Coney Island Ave


Neighbor Antonio M. Rosario noticed three new bike racks were installed on Coney Island Ave near Cortelyou, in front of George’s.

They’re pretty slick. Do you think we need more around the area? Where in particular? And did you know you can request bike rack installations online?

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  1. There’s a parking meter every 25 feet that’s perfect for chaining your bike to, so why on earth would the City spend its money this way?

  2.  Parking meters are being removed – They make pretty terrible racks anyway, as you can’t use a chain on them that well. 

  3. idiot. don’t you just love when someone comes off as totally cocky and they don’t really know how dumb their comment is.

  4.  Because people ride bikes and need a place to park.  Why on earth does the City spend its money — billions and billions — repaving streets?

  5. I also noticed 3 new bike racks by Tot Lot and one more across the street today. Pretty excited about this for when my bicycling friends visit.

  6. During the 26+ years I’ve been bicycling in New York, the number of times I’ve been unable to find a place to park within 1/2 block of my destination has been zero.  The number of flat tires I’ve gotten from potholes is dozens.  So from my perspective, repaving streets does much more to improve the bicycling infrastructure than putting in bike racks.

  7.  As a former bike messenger, I can say I have had problems finding places to park many times but they have all been in manhattan. But I think the new racks are just one more thing that will hopefully encourage people to ride their bikes. Bike riding in the city is in a pretty steady and steep increase, if that trend continues these racks will be very handy. It may also be related to the new bike sharing program.

  8. I thought that the city was going to repurpose the existing parking meters by welding an attachment of some sort to them. We would have even more bike parking if they had done that.

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