Southern Brooklyn

New Barber Shop On Nostrand Avenue


A new barber shop named Arie Express opened in what once was Councilman Michael Nelson’s district office, at 3810-A Nostrand Avenue.

Our take? The most awaited sequel in cinema: You Don’t Mess With The Arie.

Booyah. I went there.

Thanks to Arthur Borko for the photo and tip.

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  1. SO while u cut your hair u can get your old shoes repaired and also talked into selling your big fat gold chain. all done by Arie. that what i call the multitasking. lol

  2. not at all, Now a days business cost a lot of money, a barber shop alone won’t be able to survive when charging 10 bucks a cut, and they can’t charge more then that cause people will go to the one’s that charge 10…

    This person is trying out 3 idea’s all at once. cause if one fails, the other will keep it going, Maybe it’s a father son thing…. The son is the barber, the Father is the shoe repair, and the sons GF / Wife is the Jewelry seller…

    Who knows…. i think it’s an idea worth giving a shot.

  3. Why shouldn’t he be able to survive charging $10 a cut. My barber’s been charging $13 for years and he is doing just fine. Anyway, I don’t see this as any different than Baskin Robbins- Dunkin’ donuts Combo. Or White Castle -Church’s Chicken. If the big guys can do it, why shouldn’t he be able to do the same? Rent is expensive these days.

  4. the place isnt going to making any money from walkin’s. have you ever heard of this barber? he has no customer base. around the neighborhood there are a few shoe repair stores, why give this new guy a shot when other places have already established a reputation? jewelery repair and gold buying??? directly across the street is a jewelery repair store doing the exact same thing for years.

  5. love the idea, hopefully ill be there to witness is. Arie is amazing/ill never go to another barber again.

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