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New B44 May Speed Up Commuting For Riders But Increases Traffic


In a not so-scientific analysis, DNAinfo found that the new Select Bus Service B44 causes a massive amount of traffic whenever it comes tumbling along Nostrand Avenue.

The new bus service began operations on November 17, 2013, and in the time since then the community has shown just how intensely they feel towards all things transportation by filling our comments section with tips and thoughts for the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

Based on the experience and observations of locals from that area, DNAinfo reports:

The problem, critics said, is that the B44 Select Bus service runs in a new dedicated lane, forcing drivers into a single remaining lane on Nostrand and Rogers avenues. Drivers are supposed to get an extra lane during rush hour, when parking on the streets is banned, but many residents said the ban has not been enforced.

“There’s supposed to be two other lanes, but it’s just one because in the other everyone is parking,” said Diel Levin, 31, a saleswoman who commutes from her home in Crown Heights to Midwood for work. She said the formerly 12-minute ride now takes at least 25 minutes.

Along with complaints of increased traffic, some are also complaining about the noise pollution accompanying that traffic.

The MTA has received no official complaints from residents or drivers, according to the article.

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  1. My experience driving down Nostrand in our area is that the B44 hasn’t slowed down anything. In fact it feels faster.

    All the arguments of slow down are in Crown Heights. Around here there’s no extra lane during rush hour and tbh you can’t blame the bus for people being assholes or lack of enforcement. That said, there should definitely be increased enforcement.

  2. I don’t know what you mean by “here”. If you are referring to Sheepshead Bay, there is a bus lane only in the peak direction during the peak hour south of Avenue X.

  3. According to the article, it’s not the double parking that is causing the problems but parking curbside in the moving traffic lane that is not enforced.

  4. Here’s the problem–my experience since this started is that around 80% of the southbound B44 Selects terminate at Avenue U, even though the service is supposed to go to Emmons Avenue. What the heck is going on?!

  5. I agree. But I think this is even worse than double parking, because sometimes double parking doesn’t cause any traffic delays when traffic is light, but this curbside parking causes major delays for everyone who drives and needs to be strictly enforced.

  6. It supposed to be 50%. Either they realized they didn’t need so much extra service south of Avenue U or the buses are consistently late and they are making up time.

  7. sheila – SBS service towards Knapp Street runs every 15 minutes from Avenue U. Next time wait, and the Knapp street bound bus is right behind the Avenue U bound… and service ends at Knapp Street, not Emmons.

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