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New 99¢ Store To Hit East 14th St., Sheepshead Bay Rd.


A new 99 cent store will soon open at 2610 East 14th Street, just south of Sheepshead Bay Road.

The location was previously occupied by European Grocery Store, a long-lived market selling Eastern European goods. They closed several months ago.

No word on when the new business will open – a glance inside revealed a lot of interior work still needs to be done.

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  1. Won’t be able to get there from Avenue Z anyway, the fruit stand has taken over almost the whole sidewalk!

  2. first you to go the bank, you walk out with money and go to the cellphone store, you spend all your money on the new Iphone and since you only have 1 dollar left you go visit your newly opened 99 c store!

  3. Another upscale store hits our neighborhood, to compete with the other super luxurious, and more tonier entities, our Slavic friends have been opening! As the boom in Sheepshead Bay, and its’ immediate environs continues! It is especially encouraging, that these activities, have helped create a more cordial, and friendlier attitiude, among the folks that make Sheepshead Bay, and its’ satellite areas their home. How sweet it is!

  4. You guys forgot about the 14th Sushi place opening around the corner. We needed one of those as well as the 56 cell phone stores, 25 banks, and 324th 99 cent stores in a 3 block radius. Fkn Sputniks. 

  5. Read the sign. It say .99 & UP. Meaning most items won’t be .99. So it is more of an upscale store.

  6. All .99 cent stores have become .99 and up from what i have seen.If you have a location of an original one let me no,I cant find one

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