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Nelson Backs Initiative For Greener Public Housing

NYCHA's Green Guide. Click to enlarge.

City Councilman Michael Nelson emerged as a proponent of green initiatives of public housing, backing a plan to monitor energy and water usage that would save the city money and reduce waste.

The initiative, a part of the Municipal Entrepreneurial Testing System, will be deployed at 25 New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) buildings, pairing technology startups with municipal buildings to track usage in an effort to cut-down NYCHA’s annual $500 million energy bills. Additionally, using EnergyScoreCards in the 25 buildings, the program will identify NYCHA buildings in need of upgrades.

“Any reduction in those costs releases funds that could be used elsewhere,” NYCHA Chairman John B. Rhea told NYCHA Journal.

Launched in April, the Municipal Entrepreneurial Testing System is a program that pairs tech startups with municipal buildings, allowing them to test their green tech products in the buildings to prove their effectiveness in real-world conditions.

“The availability of city owned property for testing products under real world conditions will improve the environmental performance in buildings and will provide a new source of jobs for New Yorkers outside the traditional financial sector, and contribute to the growth of new companies and industries in New York City,” Nelson said when the program launched in April.

The system is an initiative led by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Nelson and the Department of Citywide Administrative Services.

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  1. Correct me if I am wrong…Is the electric free and unlimited in public housing? The city does grant $ for people with breathing issues to get an air conditioner, it’s only right.
    But, if the electric is inclusive maybe some people have an air conditioner in every room. 

  2. easy way to save money in public housing
    1) Require public housing residents to take their air conditioners out in the winter. Many turn them on when they are hot in the winter(can’t make this stufff up)
    2) Add wireless meters with only a set amount of electricity free each month. Many public housing residents leave A/C and tv on all day when they are not home. May think there $20 a month actually pays the cost of running ac all day
    3) educate people don’t just give them handouts

  3. Electric is free in public housing except their is a surcharge for having A/C . The only problem is the surcharge has not caught up with the actual cost of running such A/C. It’s time we dismantle this failed public housing experiment or reform it. If you break the rules you should be put out on your butt. Too many people have to deal with criminals and vandals who drive up the cost of operating. The residents should be required to volunteer hours to clean and maintain their building as a condition of living their. These people are receiving $10,000 plus a year in reduced cost housing and why should the rest of the public have to pay for them. In addition residents would learn skills such as painting, electrical etc that make them more employable

  4. ConEd should offer a LED bulb exchange to get rid of CFLs.. so that you can get rid of all the toxic bulbs in your home for $1 each and swap out for equivalent LED bulbs! LED is the future, not CF (aka Mercury bulbs).

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