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Nelson Allocates Nearly $2 Million To Coney Island Hospital

Source: Gregory Maizous
Source: Gregory Maizous

Councilman Michael Nelson is allocating nearly $2 million in capital funds towards the continued restoration of Coney Island Hospital (2601 Ocean Parkway). In a press release, the councilman announced that the money will pay for infrastructure improvements and new hospital technology.

Every year, when the budget is passed, council members are given a certain amount of money to spend on their district as they see fit. Nelson spent the bulk of his capital funds for 2014 on the hospital.

The actual total amount of money being given to the hospital is $1,816,000. Nelson’s press release broke down exactly how it is being spent:

$586,000 will go toward enhancements of the main building while $500,000 will help relocate the facility’s Data Center to a higher, safer floor. The Data Center is crucial to the hospital’s functionality as it organizes medical records and interconnects all the clinical and business systems used by the staff throughout the hospital.  In addition to these much needed advancements, $730,000 will modernize the hospital’s medical processes with the installation of an endoscopic ultrasound, new vascular studies equipment, a new thoracic laser, and podiatry debridement equipment.

Nelson expressed the importance in how funding the hospital increases the betterment of the community as a whole.

“Coney Island Hospital is vital to the residents of South Brooklyn when they are most in need of immediate emergency care, be it, a heart attack, a car accident, a violent crime and/or anything else you can possibly think of.  It is one of the flagship hospitals of Southern Brooklyn, and with these improvements, Coney Island Hospital will continue to provide top notch services to the community by keeping up with the current technologies,” Nelson said in the release.