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Nelson Aide, Flatbush Shomrim Founder Chaim Deutsch Announces Candidacy For City Council

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It’s official: Chaim Deutsch, an aide to Councilman Michael Nelson and founder of the Flatbush Shomrim, formally announced his campaign today in an e-mail to press and supporters.

The letter states:

Dear friends,

With the support and encouragement of my wife, children, family and friends, I am excited to inform you that I am officially running for the New York City Council seat in the 48th District. For over two decades I have worked, both as a professional and a volunteer, on behalf of the community. I believe that the 48th Council District needs a strong advocate in the City Council and I am proud to have worked with so many of you, to make our neighborhoods safer and improve the quality of life for all. Affordable housing, education, safe streets, and care for our seniors are just some of the issues that concern all of us. Together, we have accomplished a lot but there is still so much more to achieve.

I hope you will join me as our campaign kicks-off in the very near future. Details to follow…

I look forward to your continued friendship and support, it means everything to me.

Warmest regards,


Deutsch, a Midwood resident with roots in the Orthodox Jewish community, has long been considered a likely candidate for the seat to replace Nelson. He declined to confirm his run as district lines were being redrawn, and was a local opponent of plans to redraw the district with an increase in Russian-American voters and a decrease in Orthodox Jewish voters. Despite the opposition from Deutsch and his supporters, the plans stood with minor changes.

Deutsch will face off against Ari Kagan, Igor Oberman, Theresa Scavo, Michael Treybich and Natraj Bhushan in the Democratic primaries. He is expected to have the backing of Councilman Nelson.

Former State Senator David Storobin is considered a likely Republican contender, and has already received the support of the Conservative Party.

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  1. Councilmembers are given one year from the start of their term to move into the district. I did ask him about this previously, and he stated he intends to move if he wins.

  2. Well I look forward to any interview you do with the candidates because if he’s running on his record as an aide for Nelson he’s going to have to overcome the feelings many have about Nelson and his office being un-involved, ineffective, and quite frankly absent from most issues concerning the district.

  3. Chaim, as leader of shomrim has done many things for many people in the district. this includes around the clock sandy relief work..lets not start the political non-sense.

  4. i can already imagine floods of cars with lights and sirens cruising around like there’s emergency everywhere. all license plates will start with either VAS or EMT. if you look suspicious you will have a bunch of these guys calling the cops on you.

  5. Religion and politics don’t mix. The orthodox Jews have nothing to do with Jews who are not that religious. I find that a disgrace. This is a fact!!!!

  6. Nelson is the elected councilman. Deutsch is a part time staffer who is not only running on his own record which is a lot, he has always been sincere, honest and responsive to our needs. All of us in Sheepshead Bay would greatly benefit from his strong leadership skills. He is the only candidate with a proven record of true service where it matters most.

  7. “Education as one of the issues that concern all of us” Right! You can be sure of one thing, he will kotow to the Syrian and Orthodox Yeshivahs, by trying to funnel money their way, at the expense of our Public Schools! Something that most Jews, and other Americans find offensive, because historically, Jews have not only excelled in, and helped build the Public Schools, but did not come to our blessed shores, to create another ghetto, as many of these Orthodox have! Just look at what Simcha Felder helped do to FDR High School, by eliminating their historic tennis courts at their local Gravesend Park (misnomer!) and turning them into of all things, a Roller Hockey Rink! The Schools students and team, now have to travel miles, to find their own home courts! And with the profound demographic changes in the area, with FDR having to import students from all over Brooklyn, you can be sure the Frum have their eyes on that Borough Park and Bensonhursts’ beloved FDR High School, and turning it, into a Yeshivah! Oy!!!

  8. He’s not Nelson. He may or may not be the best choice for our community but he certainly doesn’t lack initiative, energy or concern about the district.

  9. he will have my vote if he can guarantee that i will get the FSSP parking placard like his crews along with rights with lights and sirens installed on my car.

    no joke, but just a few days ago, an ambulance and 2 cars sped down on my block with lights and sirens. they stopped in front of a private house. then a few men came out from the same vehicles and were just chatting around and smoking. sure it was a real emergency.

  10. Personally I have seen what this man has done for the Community.! Chaim Deutsch has helped so many without being in Public Office, I feel that as a City Councilman he will be a great help to the entire District. [whether it has been bringing thousands of meals to the hungry or blankets for warmth to so many after Hurricane Sandy], he has impressed me very much. Clearly he will be a Councilman for Everyone.

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