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Neighbor Attacked In Prospect Park This Morning


A neighbor emailed us this afternoon about a scary incident that happened to her while jogging in Prospect Park this morning, and she wanted to let others know about it so they could be on alert.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, told us that while she pausing her run to drink at the fountain near Park Circle in Prospect Park around 7am, three teenage girls (probably between the ages of 16 and 18) grabbed her hair and attempted to pull her down.

“I screamed a lot of swear words at them and told them it’s pathetic that this is all they can find to do with their time,” the neighbor wrote to us. “They scattered a bit but followed in the distance behind me, imitating my scream, while I walked across the street to the police station and alerted them.”

The neighbor went on to tell us that, “at that time of the morning, people in the park are generally exercising or walking dogs,” but the girls who attacked her were “doing nothing but walking around with their cell phones.”

“Teenagers are generally not out at that time, so they looked odd to begin with – but I didn’t suspect anything,” she wrote.

She also said that she’s “not sure if these are the same girls who have been beating up people in the park this summer,” in reference to the group of young women who were caught on camera attacking a teenager in Prospect Park in July.

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  1. Have they ever rounded up the whole crew in the park-bench videotaped incident? (I know one perpetrator’s mom turned her own daughter in–with a local TV news reporter there to record it for posterity.)

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