Southern Brooklyn

Need Help With Power? Con Ed Customer Assistance Trailer Parked At Ocean And Voorhies

Source: niznoz/Flickr

We know we’ve got a lot of angry readers, upset about their lack of power and Con Edison’s sluggish recovery efforts. Part of that is because of fire safety – following Sandy, Con Edison’s rush to restore power sparked several blazes as damaged wiring inside homes became energized. Others, though, claim that the neighborhood just isn’t getting enough attention, and customers are getting a runaround when they try to go through the now-mandatory certification process before power is restored.

Well, forget calling them and waiting on hold. You can now get some face-to-face attention. Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz informed us last night that Con Edison’s command trailer and outreach van are now parked at the corner of Ocean Avenue and Voorhies Avenue. It will remain there 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the foreseeable future to assist Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach residents with power issues relating to Hurricane Sandy.

The command trailer has forms and other information for customers who have been in the dark for the last week and a half, including the self-certify forms, which in theory will speed up the normal service restoration process. Personnel at the accompanying outreach van are available to field individual Con Edison complaints.

Con Ed vans and trailers are also parked in Sea Gate (Lyme Avenue and Highland Avenue) and in Gerritsen Beach (Gerritsen Avenue and Lois Avenue).