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Need Help With Power? Con Ed Customer Assistance Trailer Parked At Ocean And Voorhies

Source: niznoz/Flickr

We know we’ve got a lot of angry readers, upset about their lack of power and Con Edison’s sluggish recovery efforts. Part of that is because of fire safety – following Sandy, Con Edison’s rush to restore power sparked several blazes as damaged wiring inside homes became energized. Others, though, claim that the neighborhood just isn’t getting enough attention, and customers are getting a runaround when they try to go through the now-mandatory certification process before power is restored.

Well, forget calling them and waiting on hold. You can now get some face-to-face attention. Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz informed us last night that Con Edison’s command trailer and outreach van are now parked at the corner of Ocean Avenue and Voorhies Avenue. It will remain there 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the foreseeable future to assist Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach residents with power issues relating to Hurricane Sandy.

The command trailer has forms and other information for customers who have been in the dark for the last week and a half, including the self-certify forms, which in theory will speed up the normal service restoration process. Personnel at the accompanying outreach van are available to field individual Con Edison complaints.

Con Ed vans and trailers are also parked in Sea Gate (Lyme Avenue and Highland Avenue) and in Gerritsen Beach (Gerritsen Avenue and Lois Avenue).

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  1. Oy, how would you like to be representing ConEd in that Command Trailer, under our present circumstances?! On another note, with our schools in southen Brooklyn, south of Kings Highway, now in many instances open, I’m concerned about the transmittal of colds, and the like, since many of our youngsters immune systems, must be at the lower end, due to the inability to maintain normal sanitary conditions, since the storm!
    Be careful out there…

  2. I have been trying to get in touch with a family friend, who is 93-years-old, at 3025 Ocean Avenue. That’s off of Voorhies. I called a few people in the building and just receive a busy signal. I’m assuming that the phones are out. I’m also assuming that she and her son went elsewhere since there was no electricity. She does not have any family or friends to go to, so I am worried about them. Her daughter, who lived a few blocks away, at the end of the bay, died a few months back. If someone can give me some information about the building I would greatly appreciate it. I don’t live in the area.

    My mother lived in the building for 25 years before she passed away two years ago. The woman who I’m looking for and my mother were extremely close friends.

  3. The command center is a joke and embarrassment…they know absolutely nothing and give u the run around just like the customer service rep on the phone…

  4. Please let me know if you have hard anything- we just got power on yesterday, so I am catching up with old news. If need be I will check on her.

  5. Thank you so much. I wrote a letter to them and just heard from her and her son yesterday. They stayed in their apartment the whole time. She said the heat is just starting to come up but not very much. She has spent many cold days and night there. She said she slept with six blankets. Her son is doing the shopping and helping her as much as he can. They both sounded good, much to my relief. They now have a cell phone, so I will be able to stay in touch with them. Once again, that you for your concern. Good luck.

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