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Neck Road Station’s Newest “Art”


BrooklynQ sent in this photo of the newest art installment at the Gravesend Neck Road train station. Seeing this brings on one of those heartwarming moments where you’re oh-so-happy that they’re raising fares again so they can keep putting in new benches, and providing fresh canvases for Sheepshead Bay’s prolific artists.

All righty, people… caption contest? Yes, I think so. What’ve you got for this photo?

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  1. Will that image be left on your “behind” after you sit down???….

    Some people think of this as ART.. Other may call it vandalism…

    Maybe NYC transit should put many cameras in the stations to public safety and catch people in the act…

    Usually, when criminals see cameras, they think twice or go to an EASIER target…

    Terrorism is a high risk for NYC public transit.. Cameras are essential…

    I think the art work is funny….

  2. First the MTA needs to fix their non-working cameras, since a report this past Summer revealed something like 85% of the cameras in the subway stations didn’t actually work anymore.

  3. The MTA should’ve made the design of the station more in-line with those that are underground and put the station operator on the same level as the waiting area.

    It pisses me off that not only did the residents using the Neck Road (and Avenue U) train stations have to suffer through the annoying 1-directional train service for now almost 2 years, but now when the stuff is finally built it gets vandalized. I thought the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood was better than that…guess not.

  4. Well don’t just assume it’s teens/kids/whatever from Sheepshead. It could be someone that uses the station and then connects on a bus to go elsewhere or people getting off stops away from home to do vandalization and then moving on like locusts.

  5. I don’t think this kind of vandalism (if you could call it that) is all that bad. It’s not distracting, it’s not all together ugly, nor is it vulgar or insulting. It’s harmless. So long as it doesn’t damage the clothing of someone sitting there who gives a shit.

    Leftmost Face: Ah, no photos!
    Left Face: Hey man do you smell that?
    Right Face: Ugh what is that?! (Covers face)
    Center: That lady just farted on me!

  6. This is so stupid people have nothing else to do but to mess thins up on public property. They must have more cameras that really take pictures. There is an old slogan (if you can’t make the time then don’t do the crime).

  7. Sitting on the bench one strap hanger looks at another with a misty look in her eyes and a smile on her face and says…”I bet I know where waldo is.”

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