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Neck Road Looks Spiffier, Thanks To Concerned Residents And A Grant


If you’ve been on Gravesend Neck Road near East 14th Street in the past month, you may have noticed that the area is looking a lot more colorful thanks to some love from locals.

Several over-sized flower pots sporting shrubs and flowers debuted on the road in mid-June after neighbors on East 14th Street had enough of the area’s gritty appearance.

Julia Chernova and other residents of the block applied for and received a $1,000 from Citizen’s Committee for New York City’s Love Your Block grant, a city program to empower neighborhoods at the grassroots level to take things into their own hands.

With money in hand, they bought the planters,  flowers, and soil, as well as tree guards for their block on East 14th Street, between Avenue X and Gravesend Neck Road, Chernova told Sheepshead Bites.

This is the same group of residents who, along with the block’s civic-minded kids, worked hard to clean up their street, turning unused tree wells into mini gardens in April 2011. It wasn’t long before some heartless passerby damaged their hand-painted “Don’t Litter” signs, but that was fixed up right quick, and the kids were honored by local pols for their efforts.

This, folks, is how you take care of your community!

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  1. This is awesome! I’m rarely around that area but I distinctly remember taking specific notice at how dreary and gritty Neck Road is. I even mentioned to a friend that living here must be totally depressing. I’m sure the flowers will at least help a little.

  2. It would also be nice if we stayed on top of the graffiti in the neighborhood. A lot of people aren’t aware that the City actually cleans the graffiti off your property for FREE under the “Graffiti Free NYC” program.

  3. how Pretty and what a great business boost a block like that must be…  people will choose to stroll down a beautiful block like that.

  4. Does the grant cover watering the flowers?  They will die if not watched.  I sure hope the residents closest to the pots water them regularly when it does not rain if the City doesn’t do it.

  5. I’d like to see Sanitation Police crack down on dumpers and litterers on Neck Road in the vicinity of the Neck Road subway station, bet 16 and 15 streets, and those old LIRR steps alongside the station, and both sides of the street. It is cleaner than in the past, thanks to the Bites reporting, but there is more to be done. Go BITES.

  6. Bravo! To many of us, Gravesend Neck Road, like Kings Highway, a former Canarsee trail of the Iroquoix nation, that meanders its’ way east, has always been an underappreciated gem. Perhaps now, those that straddle it, especially in the more commercial areas between, C.I.A. and Ocean Avenue, will look at it, in a more positive light. A key to its’ continued improvement will be, if the commercial owners along that strip, are more vigilant, and held to higher standards, in keeping the areas outside their establishments clean. They also need to realize, that they need to clean up the grafitti vandalism, that has increased along some of their facades. One would think, that would be a given! Who knows, the area just might be designated a worthy local historic site, or perhaps become, our own “Rodeo Drive!” I have also noticed, on my way to work, utilizing the newly renovated and historic train station, that the folks I encounter have become more friendly and neighborly…Let’s keep the ball rolling!

  7. Looks like it is on one side of the street. Might be time to invest more into that area. I also hate to say it give those flower pots time for someone to use it as a garbage pale.
    But all and all A+ for the effort

  8. I love that someone tried, but Neck Road needs more care; a helluva lot more. Let’s start with the building next to the train station. That needs to come down, or at least be renovated. Same goes for the brownstone off Homecrest (with the old day care sign) next to the Russian baths. Potted plants are a start, but there’s still blight on Neck Road.

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