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Napoleon Pizza Now Open On 5th Avenue

Napoleon Pizza, 412 5th Ave
After a few months of construction, Napoleon Pizza opened last week at 412 5th Avenue, between 7th and 8th Streets, in the space that was most recently home to Due Fratelli pizzeria, and before that Albanese Pizza.

Napoleon Pizza counter
The new owners completely renovated the space. There’s still seating in the back if you’d like to sit down to eat, but they’re also doing take-out and delivery. The menu is pretty much your standard pizzeria fare at comparable prices: a plain or Sicilian slice is $2.50, a large plain pie is $14, a meatball parm hero is $7, penne with vodka sauce is $8.

Napoleon Pizza slice
We tried a slice of one of the special pies they had today, with fresh mozzarella and tomato slices ($3.50), and though it was maybe a little too wet from the tomatoes, it was still a very solid slice that tasted light and bright, and had a crunchy crust. We also saw a plate of spaghetti and meatballs come out that made us wish we’d ordered pasta.

Overall, seems like it’ll be worth a shot (and possibly an improvement) for those who used to order from Due Fratelli.

Napoleon Pizza is located at 412 5th Avenue, 718-499-2983. They’re open from 11am-11pm daily.

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  1. this is the worst pizza place in park slope and the service is lousy. you are much better off going to scottocasa. first off the wings were purchased from a “restaurant depot” and just reheated in the oven, and I’ve never had cold pizza in a pizzeria before. not sure how that is even possible. now for the service…. i ordered on seamless and everything went through meaning that they have committed to delivering to my area. 20 minutes later i get a phone call from a rude person to say that they don’t deliver to my area and that i have to come pick it up. he hung up on my twice while i was trying to work out some sort of deal where i could pay the delivery guy a little extra or something, and we aren’t talking about a huge distance here. i have a 6 month old and couldn’t exactly drop everything and leave. the whole ordeal happened between 10pm and 11pm, just late enough to screw me on ordering from other restaurants. worst customer experience ever!!!!!!

  2. I stopped in to check it out the other day. Didn’t have time to eat, but I grabbed a menu and had a quick chat with the owner who seemed very friendly and excited to be in the neighborhood. He even gave me a free sample of the fresh zeppole which were sitting on the counter (my wife was very appreciative!).

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