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Musicians! Want To Play At The Flatbush Frolic?


Flatbush Frolic: High Teen Boogie
Calling neighborhood musicians! The Flatbush Development Corporation is now accepting submissions from area artists who would like to play at the Flatbush Frolic, a free open air street event in September that celebrates the vibrant community with thousands of people reveling in music, food, and more.

Artists who would like to have a chance to play at the event – a fete that is a reminder of the amazing local restaurants, musicians, businesses, and artists we have here – should submit their music to frolicmusic@fdconline.org by July 31 at midnight. If you’re chosen, you’ll be part of a lineup on the Frolic Main Stage between 12pm and 6pm on Sept. 21.

Music submissions should be sent in mp3 format, and artists should include all their contact information, including their name, email address, and phone number. Artists should also include any links to relevant social media, and musicians can also submit their music over Twitter by using the hashtag #Frolic2014. If you have a photo, you may include that in your submission.

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  1. Unless the city magically fixes/reconfigures the sewer, the FDC really really really needs to stop setting up the main stage at Rugby Road!! It’s one thing for a whiff of stanky sewer gas as you look at a booth for a few minutes… but it is very unpleasant to hang around for the music while your mouth and nose is being assaulted by the sewer.

    After several years of this, it’s probably time to accept that it’s not a temporary backed up pipe or something.

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