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Murder In Sheepshead – Nostrand Houses On Saturday

Nostrand Houses (Source: Wikipedia Commons)

A 27-year-old man was pronounced dead at Coney Island Hospital Saturday night after taking several gunshots to his torso.

According to reports, Avery Kelly was found just after 11:00 p.m. after having been shot almost 30 times near the entrance of his apartment building at 2258 Batchelder Street in the Sheepshead-Nostrand Houses. Police told the Daily News they recovered 25 shell casings in the hallway of the building.

One reader writes in: “Just to show how self-contained the projects are, this happened 2.5 blocks from my parents’ house and they had no idea anything happened aside from the obligatory helicopters flying overhead.”

No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information on the case should contact the Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS, or text CRIMES and then enter TIP577, or visit

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  1. I wish there was a public forum where the “people” who shot him could give a reason anonymously. 

    It would make me feel so much better if the reason was like “he raped my sister” or “he tried to steal my crack” rather than “my friends and i had extra bullets and wanted target practice.”

  2. Let’s not get crazy, spidey! Blow them up? Ain’t that a bit drastic? Don’t blame every resident, who you unfairly label “garbage,” for the senseless acts of a few.

  3. His correct name is Kelly Avery. He was a good friend and father to his daughter.  Its sad that this had to happen to him. 

  4. The more of “them”? Do you realize innocent hard working people are getting caught in the cross fire. The minority which make up “them” are a result of our system. The more of “them” that are given an education to obtain a job is the goal. Politicians are moving but slowly. I think there has been more of an effort to provide such services. Some areas will take longer to break the cycles and get through to help. Educating or providing jobs is better than gentrification. 
    A superhero with no human compassion. What causes do you fight for?

  5. How come for all these Sheepshead-Nostrand Houses shootings, there are never any followups? If I remember correctly, the last two shootings had survivors, and yet, no followup information.

    Any info on the victim? Was he the intended target or random?

  6. I take offense to that statement. I reside in this development. I am a mother of a son in the top program at his school. I work in law enforcement/psych and I am a model CITIZEN ARE YOU?

  7. You are right Tinman.  I apologize for my stupid remark and to Amirah – and yes, Amirah, I  am a model citizen, whether you want to believe that or not.  There is just too much going on in the Nostrand Houses.  When I was going to High School, it was just drugs (ugh, JUST drugs – this was really a bad thing back then).  Now, all the killings over the past few years. I have lived in SB my entire life.  I have seen it deteriorate, jump back, and now it’s just going back to the way it was in the past.  I hate to see this.  I hope for better in the future.

  8. actually its on you to get yourself in or out of a situation. stop blaming the system, and start blaming yourself (or your parents)… They (yes the minorities and in this case blacks of the Nostrand PJ’s) don’t do any good trying to better themselves or their community. Take Coney Island for example out all of the projects (the real one’s I mind you not Trump Village) there is only one complex which takes a stand against violence. The rest don’t even care. Nostrand used to be a nice place now I don’t even want to be over there in day time let alone night time. 

  9. The projects are a very different place.  I would be afraid to live there, especially with children.  I’d work 6 different jobs if I had to, to find a safer place to live.

  10. As I expected. the “snitches get stitches” mentality prevails again, creating another Sheepshead projects unsolved mystery. I know for sure that at 11pm, there are plenty of people awake and outside. Christinacruz81, Amirah4luv, do you guys have more info?

  11. This is so sad and tragic. I used to love to come to Nostrand/Sheepshead Projects as a child to visit relatives (I lived in East New York, Pink Houses Projects). Trust me when I say, these projects were the Garden of Eden compared to where I lived. Smh sad to see he was shot and just left there like an animal, so many guys I’ve grew up with are either in jail, dead or moved far away. What happened to Nostrand/Sheepshead projects? It used to be nice summer nights, fun mornings and community love between each block. Could have bbq and everyone just party all night, dice games in the gazebo, birthday parties infront of the building and always a teen party in the center. Went out there 2 weeks ago, broad day light, shots were fired. Went back uptown.
    The communication between people really need to change, people need to start speaking up against violence, stop it now! It’s going to get beyond police control.

  12. Kelly was a great person he loved his daughter so much he was very proud I miss him coming over to visit Kelly was my nephew threw marriage so upset this is a cold case he did not deserve to get killed that way let alone over kill he was shot thirty times had to but more than one person or this person had time to reload and reload and reload where was the cops
    We called him junior

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