Mr. Lime Fruit & Vegetables Now Open On 7th Avenue


After a few months of renovations to the space, Mr. Lime Fruit and Vegetables opened earlier this week at 313 7th Avenue, between 8th and 9th Streets.

Mr. Lime picks up the reins of the former Kim’s Grocery, which closed its doors in May after 30 years in the neighborhood. Like its predecessor, the grocery is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, convenient for those hopping off the F/G trains nearby or looking for a bite during a late shift at the hospital.

Mr. Lime vegetables
Mr. Lime pineapples and fruit
Mr. Lime cheap asparagus
The space is stocked with fruits and vegetables, of course, all of it reasonably priced (they’re pretty wimpy spears, but at $1 that bunch of asparagus is worth a second look).

Mr. Lime meats and cheeses
Mr. Lime pastries
Mr. Lime beerThey also offer a nice selection of meats, cheeses, and dry goods — from cereal to spices, it seems like they’ve probably got what you need — plus a small bunch of pastries for you to grab before your commute in the morning, and a wide selection of beers (pictured is just one of several refrigerated cases) to pick up on your way home.

Mr. Lime juicing
They also have trays of sushi, sandwiches, and salads ready to go, plus a juice bar, where you can get pretty much whatever combo you can think of.

Mr. Lime juice
We went with pineapple, carrot, orange, and apple, and it was ready in a flash and was perfectly sweet and refreshing. And through Sunday, August 17, you can get any kind you like in the size shown above (10 ounces) for free between 8am-8pm! Same goes for a 10-ounce cup of coffee.

Be sure to stop in and welcome them to the neighborhood!

  • LN

    Juices are warm, sushi for 5.99 a roll is expensive with dry rice covering the fish. Selling $1 asparagus almost from a van in my opinion looks dirty. 2 cashiers standing at the register with no emotion. Eh.

  • AG

    I love this place! I was scared when I saw the juice bar and sushi – I was thinking this place would be insanely expensive. But I was pleasantly surprised. They carry really good avocado sushi for like $3.50 for 8 pieces (crazy), delicious dairy-free ice cream for a similar price (seriously, that’s amazing – even when I lived in Virginia it cost like twice that), and even fair-trade cocoa (given Hershey’s unwillingness to do what it takes to eliminate child labor, fair-trade is the only way for me!). Anyway, given the quality of products, I really thought this place would be fancy-schmancy and overpriced, but the pricing is reasonable and the selection is great. So glad y’all are here!