Move Your Cars Next Wednesday For PNC Bank Filming On Marlborough


PNC Bank film shoot on Marlborough

Deutsch, a Manhattan-based advertising company, will be filming a “web video interior” for PNC Bank on Marlborough Road, between Albemarle Road and Beverley Road, from 6am to 8pm on both Thursday, August 14 and Friday, August 15 – which means you’ll need to move your car by 8am on Wednesday, August 13.

“We will make every effort to not overestimate our parking needs and release unused parking as the alternate side flips on the west side of the block,” Deutsch company officials wrote in a letter posted on Marlborough.

“We are aware of the inconvenience caused by our activity and will be making a donation to the block association for your beautiful neighborhood,” the letter states.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Deutsch’s locations department at (347) 229-1470.

And, if your car is moved, you can call José at (914) 774-3499.

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