Southern Brooklyn

Mosque Backers Give Out Free Book Bags To Students

2812 Voorhies Avenue

The lot at 2812 Voorhies Avenue may have been the site of consternation and conflict during the last several months over plans to build a mosque. But this Sunday it’ll be a site of charity and generosity.

To celebrate Ramadan and usher in the new school year, local Muslims, the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) are teaming up to give out free school bags and school supplies to the Sheepshead Bay community this coming Sunday, September 5.

A total of 300 school bags containing notebooks, pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, rulers, crayons and more will be distributed. Organizers say hundreds of families are expected to attend this Sunday’s event.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims are urged to scale up charitable acts, hoping that a month of increased kindness would carry on throughout the year. Through the “Back to School Giveaway”, ICNA and MAS hope to both help struggling families provide for their children.

“This initiative hopes to cater to the needs of low-income families in the community – families under financial pressure, those who have lost jobs, and those finding difficulty in buying school supplies for their children,” organizers wrote in their press release.

When: Sunday, September 5, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Where: MAS Sheepshead Bay Center, 2812 Voorhies Avenue

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  1. رIs that your oenion?
    or its out of hate?

    Peole trying to enhance the community using humanitarian causes, and you say such BS>

    What kind of people are these…

    I m sick and this country is sick of such mentality….

    Come on give me a break…

  2. Eddie

    Is that your oenion?
    or its out of hate?

    Peole trying to enhance the community using humanitarian causes, and you say such BS>

    What kind of people are these…

    I m sick and this country is sick of such mentality….

    Come on give me a break…

  3. Its great that they are doing this.
    Let me see.
    Book bad $5
    pencils $1
    pens $1
    notebook $2
    Living in America … priceless…

  4. G.M.A. guess you don’t live on the same block..
    When you have 300 people on the little streets and 50 cars come over, the block get s closed off very fast.
    At least, its a Sunday
    if this happens on a Monday and school buses and truck deliveries try to get by..
    good luck..
    Its a freedom of religion.
    What do you think of the ground Zero Mosque being told to move????
    Since when doe Governor Paterson allowed to give FREE state land to build a house of worship.
    Give me some FREE Manhattan state land..

    I want to build a Church…

    Why did Gov Paterson offer free land and the CHURCH needed to pay for the land?

  5. Great thing…
    Thanks to Muslims, and welcome as new comers to our community…
    I never heard of such great ideas,
    I told you Muslims always have the right positive activities, Forget about exteremists of them..
    Over all great people to be among us,, instead of another brighton beach crap..

    Thanks to you guys keep the good things in Sheepshead Bay..

  6. Brighton Beach Crap???? You F**k Face.

    When was the last time you heard Russian blow up other people?

    When was the last time Russian hijacked a plane?

    When was the last time Russians blew up civilians?

    If you are Muslim, you can help to change the extremists.

    Please share with us what good have Muslims brought to sheepshead bay?

    I am all ears…

  7. Muslim is am amazing religion.

    Good and bad people in ANY race, Any society, Any religion…

    Once the oil runs out in Sadia Arabia and the rest of the middle east.. What will Iran do for money?

    Many good muslim people

    What is your problem with Brighton Beach..
    You D=CK

  8. Probably a stick of dynamite in a hidden compartment of those bookbags :p.

    I really wish religion would just go away. Nothing but problems and smelly people since they can’t wear anything different in the summertime other than a suit/black dress.

  9. Religion and amazing are contradictions. There’s no such thing as an amazing or good one.
    Many many extremists cause harm to others everyday because of their religion.

    And now they want to fuck over the community and cause huge amounts of traffic/parking problems because of their ridiculous religion.

  10. Saw this on a different site and copied and pasted it…

    ” Muslims are taking over New York… RUN.. RUN.. RUN… But, where…. Muslim is over 20% of the population

    How to become a Muslim.

    Step 1.
    Dont Shower for days or weeks

    Step 2.
    Have a relative working at 7-11, Dunken Donuts, Bodega, Subway, Taxi Driver and or sell fake perfume swearing on his mother’s life that its real or she will die.

    Step 3
    hate Jews and Christians and all other religions that is not Muslim

    Step 4
    Support Terror at heart and tell u that they love other people with no hate.

    Step 5.
    Ladies don’t shave your legs or wax any hair on your body .. Stay Hairy..and

    Men, don’t use deodorant and wear a towel on your head that was not washed in years… “

  11. Look at this video of Muslim in Paris..
    Was given this link….
    Look and learn what MAY/COULD happen in NYC

  12. I hear the following statment when I was in College,
    “The Fire eats itself if it cannot eats anything else,”

    Guys talk wisely, and just come over to the event.. That is it..

    Attacking each other would not help any one. with fake and unreal stuff…

    Links, copy and paste things that was written by a drunk would not help the Community of Sheepshead Bay.. What help is what you see in the front of your eyes…

    The event is for everyone. Just be part of the positive do not try to stop good , regardless the people who are behind it..

    In Islam , we say ” take the wisdom and do not care who is saying it” as long as it helps .

    Please stop non-sense words, GMA, Eddie and Rubin. Thanks

  13. I think it’s very telling when a group – any group and for whatever reason – does a charitable act for needy children and families, and instead of being thanked they are shouted down and bombarded with stereotypes and hate speech. So many people say Muslims are filled with hatred and contempt toward every American, but all I see here is hatred and contempt from Americans towards a minority group. It’s disgusting and un-American.

    Quite frankly, you all test my commitment to publishing user comments indiscriminately and from all viewpoints. Site policies are always subject to change, so I suggest you keep hate speech out of your comments, be factual, and remain on topic.

  14. All you haters will probably be there on Sunday with your hands out – and you will still criticize this project – get with it people – freedom of religion – you can spend your money on a lawyer if you want, but you won’t win.

  15. I’m sure a quick search on Google can pull out Russians doping inhumane acts, suicide bombings, shootings and etc. The question you have to ask is, do their actions reflect upon you? The question is obviously no. Yet, you’re more than willing to NOT share the same opportunities others give you, which is the benefit of a doubt, to the Muslims who wish to build the mosque. Just because the members and terrorists from 9/11 were Muslim, doesn’t mean they are the same people. Extremists exist in all religions, ethnicities and cultures.

    Are there problems with its location? Yes. That’s the only real situation and debate. Where’s the proof that members who will be attending the mosque are terrorists? The parent organization is still under the government’s eye, but it’s still operational, so for the moment all’s clear. Linking to thrid-party sites don’t help, since any information gleamed from there is unreliable.

  16. >>>Nothing but problems and smelly people since they can’t wear anything different in the summertime other than a suit/black dress.<<< Now why you gotta' start hatin' the Quakers and Hsiadic Jews too? I'd say Amish too, but they can't read this 😛 I'm all for getting rid of religion, or at least taxing it like any other business.

  17. “huge amounts of traffic/parking problems because of their ridiculous religion”

    Yes, please tell this to the synagogue on Ave. X/East 27th St. – especially with several Jewish holidays coming right up. That building is positioned the same way – same type of street, comparable size building.

    So, are you ready to ask that JCC to move? I double-dare you…

  18. Oh, and I do agree with you on religion in general – there is no such thing as a good one. Having said that, this is United States – even Ireland now is less religious as a country.
    So, until the some kind of New Enlightenment will end all religions, one can’t pick and choose which religion to prohibit – they are protected by the Constitution.

  19. “You F**k Face.”
    “You D=CK”

    With the language (and debate techniques) like this, you make a great case for your ideas…

  20. Ive read so much about the South and segregation, Jim Crow and all the hate that existed (is past tense really appropriate?) there towards blacks, and I often tried to imagine what it would have been like to live in those times, in those places. So many people nowadays have learned that those ways of thinking were wrong. Change is possible, albeit slowly.

    I now realise I dont have to try so hard to imagine what those times were like.

  21. You forgot sharpeners, erasers, rulers and crayons.
    But, lets say each set is $10. With 300 of them planned to be distributed, it comes down to $3000.
    So, I challenge you to match or exceed their gift to the community. Please donate at least $3000 worth of materials or cash to any local institution, then you will gain a moral right to make a joke about the other group’s gifts.

  22. We do more donations than $3K.
    Because it s tax write off…
    We also donate from the heart. But, also tax incentives help…

    Investigate where the $3K came from?
    illegal drug sales?
    illegal cigarette trafficing from other states to avoid paying NYS tax

    Or maybe it came from legal business.
    Reminds me of HAMAS in the middle east giving humanitarian bombs sponsored by Iran

  23. Its not ideas.
    its a fact.
    How many terrorist are Muslims?
    how many are catholic?
    how many are Jews?

    Wake up and smell reality

  24. Have no idea why lawyers are involved.
    Nothing with the mosque is illegal…
    no law is broken….

    But, investigate where the $money$ is coming from?

  25. This was addressed several times before: they have to report on their income only to IRS, not to me or you.

    Since IRS is not having any legal proceeding against anyone involved, it is an indirect answer to your question.

  26. Obviously, you have information that our authorities don’t. Please report it to them ASAP!
    Or do you? Since you put question marks everywhere…

    Allow me to illustrate:
    Have YOUR donations come from Medicare/Medicaid fraud?
    False no-fault insurance claims?
    Or maybe they came from your legal income – people need to know!

  27. Excuse me but I live near there and I have never seen any traffic problems near the school. Also, if you wanted to build a church, thats perfectly fine with me. All you need is a permit, which by the way they have. It will still have the same traffic problems as the mosque. As for the Ground Zero mosque, I want to know your references for your claim that it was given for free by Gov. Paterson.

  28. What about Z and 27 street? Double parked school busses on a city bus route.
    Some busses stay all day parked and if you are driving south on 26 street you have to cross your fingers to make it across. The kids run out of the main door in the middle of the block to cross the street. Children riding bikes to school against the traffic. The parents park as close as they can get to the school, like the kid can’t walk a few yards. I have witnessed all of this and it has gone on for years.

    AND…PS- I hear St Marks bells every day. I live a few BLOCKS from there.
    Doesn’t bother me but come on folks what’s good for the goose.(I don’t mean Bloomie style.)

  29. Now why isn’t Eddie out there investigating the public schools? Doesn’t it concern him that these schools are getting money FROM THE GOVERNMENT! Shouldn’t we be concerned about that?

    And those church bells. Do you realize that most of those churches have them? And that they are used as a “call to prayer”. So obviously these churches must be fronts for Islamic terrorists.

    (was that a little bit too heavy? You can tell me, we’re friends)

  30. I’ve heard of many stories of Russians doing bad things. Every group or religon has its crazies, but you can’t judge the whole group on the fringe members. I’m not hating on Brighton either. I’m Russian too, and have many, many friends in Brighton. And, Muslims as a group bring new ideas to the mix, but its the individual members that do good acts like handing out school supplies to underpriviledged kids. Btw, I haven’t seen you do any humanitarian acts lately. Or ever, in fact.

  31. Levp..
    Jews only have MAJOR pray on Sabbath… They don’t drive on the day…
    Also Yom Kippor is ALSO … Many jews dont drive…

    Jews dont pray on carpets with ass to face position
    farting in each other faces..

  32. Leps,

    Sorry.. Can not release ANY insider information here…
    Also, someone took off two links that I posted of CONFIDENTIAL

    Wonder who did it?
    Why was the two videos taken away?

    Also, look at Paris..

  33. I feel that that is wildly inappropriate and that YOU are the one that hates Americans because our country was founded on religous tolerance and by spouting this hate speech against people who have actually contributed to the community, you are literally the OPPOSITE of what the ideal American is. I am not Muslim, yet I find this offensive because I care about my neighbors (e.g. AMERICANS).

  34. Galaxymover

    Gov Paterson was offering STATE land for free in-order to move the mosque..

    Maybe other people on this site will clarify more on the offer

  35. Actually, why don’t you clarify? You seem to know a lot about this particular topic. And please, include a link to some actual evidence and not just claims as usual.

  36. First of all, what I think IS my opinion – its the definition of opinion. Anyway if you actually read the acrticles you provided such as the Examiner one, Paterson never said that he is going to give it for free. In fact, he announced that he KNEW that would be wrong, so he’s not doing that – he selling the land to the highest bidder (which IS legal).

  37. At first Gov Paterson offered it for free.
    ONLY AFTER an outrage, he said highest bidder…

    regarding the highest bidder, it would have been land that is favored for a mosque. It would not be land to build condos or commercial real estate..

    I would come to the auciton and try to OUTBID them

    Imagine the controversy if he would have given it for free..

    But, at first days, he mentioned FREE…

    What about department of state paying IMAN ( the mosque supporter ) tabs to fly to the middle east.

    Why is the mosque have a meeting with Gov materson

  38. And also, before I forget..

    Paterson changed his language after Mayor Bloomberg stepped in…

    Because of elections, Paterson wanted to be a HERO and solve the problem that he cant solve.

    How else and why else would the Mosque move unless they get BETTER land

  39. Gov. Paterson could not have said that it was free because that would be unconstitutional, however, if you can link to a video or audio clip of him saying that (not from FOX News), I will be the first one to apologize for that. Also, zoning says that houses of worship have the same rules as residential building, so please, explain to me why its not suitable for anything other than a mosque. As for the auction, I would like to see you outbid them. Concerning the Iman, he can meet with governers as much as he wants and I want to see proof that the Department of State is paying him to travel to the middle east.

  40. What specifically are you trying to say about the trips? He was paid to travel to the middle east not to fund an Al Quada training camp. He was apid to argue for and speak about how great the United states were. He was saying that America is a great nation, so are you arguing with that? I also believe that no matter what land is up for auction, you won’t buy any of it.

  41. Regarding the FREE land…
    “Paterson last week offered his help and the possibility that state land could be provided as an alternate site for the center. The project has ignited nationwide debate over freedom of religion and anger over the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.”
    The world FREE was not specified. But it was implied very directly that the Gov will do what it takes to move it… 4th paragraph.

    Also, if you know politicians, they change words fast and the work free changed to provide land for the mosque…

    Form my understanding, if the governor said land for the mosque, and that land may go to auction.. How will the auction look like if the land is for a Mosque?

    Please look at the other post regarding Iman trip paid for by YOUR tax $dollars$… I think its the next posting on top or bottom.. am not sure…

    Thank you for the questions and you interest

  42. 71% of NY wants the mosque moved…
    according to ABC news… Nothing wrong with being the 29%

    “Opposition to the project appears to be growing. A poll released today by Quinnipiac University found that 71 percent of New Yorkers want it moved and want state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to investigate funding for its construction. ”
    ABC news

  43. You know who else change their words fast: conspiracy nuts. You said that he specifically said that it was free, and now you’re saying that it was implied… He literally said NOT FREE and you are saying that he meant free. All he did was suggest a compromise to the debate by offering them a chance to bid on a less “hot” property. It doesn’t matter if a mosque is in the bidding because anyone has the right to outbid them. I read the Iman post and commented already. Please read more.

  44. 71% of NY wants the mosque moved…
    according to ABC news… Nothing wrong with being the 29%

    “Opposition to the project appears to be growing. A poll released today by Quinnipiac University found that 71 percent of New Yorkers want it moved and want state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to investigate funding for its construction. ”
    ABC news

    guess u r one of the 29% ( nothing wrong with being the minority )

  45. Calling me a minority does not mean that I’m wrong. During American history, people used to own slaves. The MINORITY were the ones asking for human rights by saying that they should be free. I’m in the minority of people who believe that muslims should have the same rights as the rest of us. They have a constitutional right to pray to their religon and to build a mosque.

  46. After you will FEEL a terror attack on you or someone you love, you will understand. Maybe a limb blown off or death…
    But, that is one way people understand.
    As I said before. They can build a mosque where ever they want as long as they don’t break any laws…
    But, tracking where the money came from may be interesting to see…

  47. I’ve experienced 9/11 just like you did so don’t try to say that I, someone who has lived here their whole lives, don’t know what its like to see a terrorist attack. You keep spouting the same hate jargon all the time even when people disprove it. One more time, the people building the mosque are NOT the same as the terrorist bombers of 9/11. The “money” comes from Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, a person who has worked hard to better America’s standing with the rest of the world so that they DON’T feel the need to blow us up. His money comes from legit sources that he himself built up from scratch. He condemned the 9/11 attacks as evil and un-Islamic.

  48. ANy one has news about the event,
    How was it, and how was the turn-out, I hear was successful?

    was Sheepshead Bay Bites There?

    Excellent job , Thanks all

  49. ANy one has news about the event,
    How was it, and how was the turn-out, I hear was successful?

    was Sheepshead Bay Bites There?

    Excellent job , Thanks all

  50. Were they trying to buy goodwill with few trinkets?
    The only people who would go for this cheap trick are their own since they are the ones having children like there is no tomorrow. I am sure real Americans living in that area can afford few pens and pencils for their kids.
    Cheap tactics.

  51. G.M.A.
    where did you get your information from?

    What does success mean to you?

    100 people 300 people?

    Or maybe it not quantity, maybe is quality…

    Bring PROOF.
    So far, it is PROVEN that MAS Muslim American Society is on the FBI terrorist support list…

    Do you have proof that anything changed with the MAS support for terror?

  52. “So far, it is PROVEN that MAS Muslim American Society is on the FBI terrorist support list…”

    So far I’ve stayed out of the back and forth. But this one is not true to my knowledge, and letting such false yet specific information sit unchallenged would be unethical.

    From the NY Times:
    “The State Department maintains a terrorist watch list for foreign organizations, and the Justice Department has identified domestic groups it considers unindicted co-conspirators in various terror-related prosecutions. The Muslim American Society is on neither of those lists.”

    As for the FBI list, which is a list of individual names, that list is kept entirely secret and I’d challenge you to “PROVE” that someone is or isn’t on it.

    You may now return to the scheduled programing: ie. calling me “pro-Mosque” without even the slightest regard for whether that’s true.

  53. Sheepshead Bites wasn’t there. News 12 reported that they gave away all 300 bags. If you find it relevant – and some might – News 12’s video featured smiling children of many ethnicities.

  54. If you stupid and illiterate you need to go back to school. Non for profit organizations such as MAS are called NON-FOR-PROFIT precisely because they do not have to do sh*t when it comes to IRS. Which means that any tangible assets gifted, endowments, money transfers, grants by say Iran or Saudi Arabia oil sheiks are not taxable income, never will be and therefore does not have to be reported.

  55. Yeah, go ahead and do some search. The last bombing in the Russian city of Moscow was done by … let me see….Chechen women, who are? Jews? Christians? Buddhist? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    they are Muslim

  56. I think Mahdi Bray is a detestable person with views that, to put it mildly, are outright wrong. However, that link you sent is totally irrelevant. I read it months ago. I read it before you even knew there was a proposed mosque in Sheepshead Bay. I’ve read all the other material being bandied about as well.

    That particular link says little about MAS and definitely does not back up the statement that the organization is on any watchlist – and especially not the FBI watchlist. On the topic of Bray himself, it doesn’t even say he did/does anything illegal.

    I really begin to worry when people just include lone links as their response in what’s supposed to be an informed discussion. Imagine if I showed up to a formal debate about, say, military panels overseeing Gitmo detainees and, as my argument just said, “Constitution, article three,” slammed my hand on the table and walked away.

    It’s essentially what you’re doing. You’re giving a link without context and failing to explain why it’s relevant or why it sways your thinking. It’s meaningless – but nonetheless these links continue to be tossed around because they’ve got scary words in it. Don’t you see how unfair that is? Of course you’re going to get frustrated with people’s responses – and they’re going to be frustrated with you. Without explanation and defense of your views, you give no one anything to work with to discuss the issue in-depth, or to analyze it more thoroughly. And so, instead of having a civil conversation you get angry that they fail to see your viewpoint, throw your hands in the air and call everyone a pro-mosque, liberal commie.

    I repeat – it’s not a fair way to discuss a topic. Conversation is doomed from the start.

    You can disagree – that’s fine. But explain positions, explain your logic, and explain how you came to your conclusions. You may not change someone’s mind – but that’s a terrible reason to start getting snippy, rude and turn to personal attacks as you’ve done in just about ALL of your posts.

    I truly appreciate your views and contributions to the site – but I hope moving forward you provide more thought out responses, instead of knee-jerk personal attacks or “Ugh, here’s a link that I’m not going to explain, and proves nothing, but if after viewing it you don’t agree with me then you’re stupid.”

    We’re neighbors. Everyone here is a neighbor. I don’t regret or resent that, and I look forward to being partners in building a better community – even if we don’t agree on everything. I hope the tone of these conversations improve so that we can continue to move in that direction.

  57. May the ‘freedom of information act” be used?

    But, people on the list will do the same thing that you are doing..
    Where is the proof?
    ohhh, the video, I was drunk saying stuff under the freedom of speech…
    ohh, because my brother did it, doesn’t mean it men…
    ohh, the cash, ohh its borrowed money from Mr. XYZ..
    ohh, the stuff you found in the car? ohh, its not mine..
    ohh, the stuff in my house? I was framed…

    Its a time to come together and NOT APART.

    Get the “bad” people out of the organization or open a competing organization.

    Have you ever seen a SCHOOL for children and in the basement is a bomb storage and making facility?

    Have you ever seen an AMBULANCE used to transport bombs across the broader and try to avoid being searched claiming you have a patient dying in the ambulance?

    Have you ever seen a boat radio for help and when rescue come to help the boat, the boat explodes in the rescuers face?

    Have you ever seen tunnels dogged across boarders to smuggle weapons?

    Have you ever seen a person beheaded live?

    Do you feel, IN YOUR HEART, that nothing is FISHY with Mahdi Bray?

  58. I do not understand if you are really that ignorant or are you pretending? This is the same organization that will be building “community center” in your neighborhood, while Bray himself is probably not going to be doing any construction obviously, the organization is going to steer the steering wheel when it comes to mission of the center. You know what, as I said again and again, I do not live in the area, I love Sheepshead Bay with all my heart, but from what I see right now, people in SB are mediocre except for very few and far in between. The reason SI folks can fight it is because they stick together. Sell outs from SB just muddy the waters. I do not care what you are -white, black, purple with pink edging, if you are that ignorant then you will have no one to blame but yourself in the end. Finato la comedia.

  59. Its useless here. Do not even waste your time. They are blind and deaf, because they want to be. Oblivious to the danger of organizations like MAS and funding of those mosques on Staten Island, in Brooklyn, Ground Zero, etc.

  60. Unless it is a very small non-profit, there are specific reporting requirements.
    Form 990 and some others are then available to public for review.
    The relevant part of this form would be Part VIII: Statement of Revenue (page 9).

    Please refer to the IRS page “Exempt Organizations FAQs”:,,id=139222,00.html

    Additionally, (perhaps due to being stupid and illiterate) I pledge not to engage in name-calling, even in self-defense…

  61. Some pretty ballsy statements from someone who refuses to post who they are.

    I resent being called a sell out, simply because I support the rights that are guaranteed in our constitution to allow every religious group free assembly, free worship and free speech. If that’s muddying the waters, then damn it fill the waters with dirt.

    You are a spineless, worthless, bigoted, racist, Islamaphobe. I am very glad to learn that you don’t live in the area. It certainly helps my property values.

  62. Glad to see that you and Eddie are aiding and abetting the terrorists. This was published in The Washington Post. Hopefully it will open your eyes to the results of your actions…

    Bitter religious fighting over mosque plays right into al-Qaeda’s hands

    By Evan F. Kohlmann

    The way that renowned Christian preacher Franklin Graham portrayed Muslims on a nationally-televised news broadcast last week, one would imagine that Islam is some sort of insidious cancer devouring the civilized world. Between his nauseating description of Islam as a “devilish” faith and his nonsensical discussion about the “Muslim seed” of President Obama, Graham managed to shame not only himself, but also the very democratic, pluralist ideals that we as Americans aspire to. I watched in disgust as his uninterrupted tirade continued, and it suddenly occurred to me that some viewers might not recognize that Graham speaks only for a prejudiced minority, whose numbers have been artificially inflated by the cynical recent tactics of various political candidates. To that segment of viewers, Graham instead represents the larger, ugly face of American xenophobia and prejudice–and in doing so, this self-described “man of God” has merely provided extra ammunition for al-Qaeda to use in its battle against us, our constitutional ideals, and our ethos of personal freedom.

    Indeed, al-Qaeda’s leaders understand better than most that their own twisted political philosophy is terribly unpopular, amongst the vast majority of both Muslims and non-Muslims. This being the case, al-Qaeda and its global affiliates have embarked on a desperate search for English-speaking envoys who can successfully reach out to Muslims and somehow convince them to abandon their American homeland. Jihadist pundits including Adam Gadahn and Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki have attempted to paint a gloomy and foreboding future for Muslims in the U.S.–forcibly corralled into “concentration camps” and otherwise treated like errant Jews under a revived Nazi regime. These militants have scoffed at the election of a supposedly transformational figure like President Barack Obama and instead urge Muslim Americans to withdraw from a society that refuses to accept them in order to become the next “heroic” iteration of Nidal Hassan or Faisal Shahzad. Essentially, the mission of Americanized al-Qaeda spokesmen like Gadahn and al-Awlaki is quite simple: to provoke us into tearing ourselves apart.

    For nearly a decade, despite the tremendous emotional fallout from 9/11, ordinary Americans have, by-and-large, resisted any serious impulse towards scapegoating and Islamophobia. Conversely, only a fringe scattering of extremists have managed to emerge from the Muslim community in the United States. Indeed, even when they have emerged, it is often other American Muslims within the community who are the first to warn law enforcement about the potential danger. Despite the raucous protests of demonstrators outside the proposed location of Cordoba House in New York, the simple reality is that there is no “fifth column” of extreme Muslim fanatics waiting in the wings to take over America and impose harsh interpretations of Shariah law. But if mainstream American politicians continue in their bids to score cheap points by pointlessly demonizing Islam, and if mainstream media continue to give such views an uncritical national platform, then the risk of social alienation will edge higher amongst Muslim youths–who can rightfully ask what kind of place is there for them in an America which is openly and virulently hostile to their culture and faith. This kind of radicalization cannot be traced to a particular mosque, sermon, or even a charismatic Imam. No, should this kind of radicalization eventually occur, then we really have nobody but ourselves to blame for it.

    Setting aside the exceptionally poisonous rhetoric of late, there are perhaps rational, sensible arguments both for and against the building of Cordoba House near Ground Zero. Certainly, the families of 9/11 victims have a right to express their views, and it would seem that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and his colleagues failed to consider the larger consequences of inaugurating an ambitious project in such an emotionally-charged piece of real estate. Given the explosion of controversy and invective, one wonders whether building this mosque will really help ease the divisions between Muslims and non-Muslims. Nevertheless, it is worth considering that, in the view of al-Qaeda’s hardcore constituents, for America to accept and embrace such an institution in the heart of Ground Zero would be the worst possible outcome. One such miscreant, in expressing his views on Cordoba House in an online al-Qaeda chat, said, “the game is clear–damn Obama and his goal of building this mosque. The purpose of building the mosque in that place is for America to regain its dignity.”

    Evan F Kohlmann is a Senior Partner at Flashpoint Global Partners,
    a New York-based security consulting firm. He is the author of “Al-Qaida’s Jihad in Europe: The Afghan-Bosnian Network.”

    By Evan F. Kohlmann | August 27, 2010; 1:36 PM ET

  63. It’s the same freaking video.

    One of the guys backing the mosque gave money to the Holy Land Foundation thinking they were supporting an orphanage way back in the 1990s.

    That’s the smoking gun? HE GAVE $6,500 IN THE 1990s after his parents died in a plane crash to support an ORPHANAGE and he may have been duped. That’s the best FOX can do?

  64. Levp,

    Non-profit MUST 100% show how they SPEND the money, but MANIPULATE how they GOT the $money$.

    NON-PROFIT can HIDE ways that they got money (its called MONEY LAUNDERING)

    If you put a DONATION COLLECTION box and someone puts $5MIL in cash. Its harder to investigate where the money came from. BUT, usually, NON-PROFIT may know.

    If you withdraw or deposit more than $10K in a bank, a separate form must be filled out. BUT, CASH money is coming from OVERSEAS… and if you trace back and back and back, YOU WILL BE SHOCKED the people behind it.

    Here is a link just for you…

  65. FOX News? Did you know that FOX News is partially owned by Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, a nephew of the Saudi king? He’s the second largest stock holder of FOX Corp after Rupert Murdoch.And that Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal,supports the Imam of the proposed “Ground Zero Mosque?On the morning show Fox & Friends, Fox News analyst Dan Senor referred to Waleed as “the guy who tried to give Rudy Giuliani $10 million after 9/11 that was sent back” and said “he funds radical madrassas all over the world.”And “News Corp. is not the only big-name investment Waleed has made in the United States. He has helped rescue the American banking giant Citigroup twice and is one of its largest holders. He also has big stakes in rival media giants Time Warner and Disney. And his portfolio took a big hit when the U.S. stock markets tanked. “So – you support FOX News, you support terrorists. You support Citibank – you support terrorists.

  66. Eddie Green, rufina, r.y, et al: here is the breakdown, real simple.

    first amendment:good,
    terrorists: bad.

    We are all for the good, but not the bad. They’re not the same. I know it is difficult, but there needs to be a seperation between the two, both in our minds and in the real world. Its Ok for us to investigate, spend millions of dollars, months, years even to do so, just to be able to say we upheld the beliefs on which this country was founded upon. You’re trying to blur the distinctions, while I want to make them clearer and more defined. We out to strive to distinguish between the spoiled fruit and the fresh, instead of simply throwing away the whole bushel.

  67. BrooklynQ,

    You had nothing to say about the VIDEO. Which is the issue at hand?

    Instead of going on a weird TANGENT has NOTHING to do with the question..

  68. Welcome to the first step for understanding the way terror works..They will never say Money for terror camps.They will 99% say children, medicine, humanitarian needs.You never heard of a school and the basement of the School for CHILDREN is a bomb facility?Do you want the Al-quita guy as your roommate?( posted a link for you before) and you forgot to comment?Do you think donating to the organizations listed below is a good thing? you support the organizations of that list?

  69. You know who the terrorist is? Its you! Ever since you found this blog and started commenting you have been terrorizing every single post. I’m not saying you are not entitled to comment and give your opinion but you keep going and going and going saying the same thing and copying and pasting shit everywhere. If someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean you have to post the same thing. Either give a legitimate rebuttal or move one. I also want to make it clear that i am not criticizing your views its how you delivery them that is bothering people. Now before you jump the gun and reply i really want you to think about it.

  70. One question.

    The reply was directed at BrooklynQ and he thinks this guy is cool. (so he supports a PROVEN terrorist) . according to BrooklynQ, Osama Ben Laden should NOT be assassinated if possible.

    Do you think this guy deserves the SAME rights as you do?

    President Obama wants him assassinated.
    But, the constitution is stopping the mission…

    This video is only 3 hours old..

    What is your opinion?

  71. You just dont get it. It has nothing to do with this post. I just used it as a place to comment to you. You didn’t even read what i wrote or you would’ve understood that. So to all that are going back and forth with Eddie don’t waste your time. He is not even reading your comments and replies he is just going on and on in his own world. Everyone stop throwing gas on the fire and maybe just maybe it will go away.

  72. Did you even read my post? did you look at the link?

    Guess, you have nothing smart to say… (its ok) And the video make you shut your mouth….

    Don’t talk for everyone, talk for yourself.

  73. You need to prove that I know this pastor personally and that I support his burning of the Holy book. Until you can prove that, I am innocent of any accusations of my aiding and abetting terrorist, extremists, fascists, racists, Zionists, any other “ist” that you can come up with.

  74. BarkingSpider07

    Thank you for your comment. Since you talk about Sunday. Did you come? What did you see? What religion are you? Nothing wrong with any religion.

    Don’t forget
    some dogs are VERY smart.
    Some dogs are smarter than Humans.

    some dogs are very loyal pets
    Some dogs are more loyal than people.

    People are not born with hate.
    Do you donate to Hamas?

  75. Local Broker,

    You asked for FACTS,
    PROOF and
    when the proof is in your face,
    you are calling me sick?

    That is so un-cool

  76. It is a ONE step in the right direction,
    But, the problem is way bigger.

    People have a choice.
    Once person uses $BILLIONS$ for charities ( like Bill gates and etc )
    Another person uses $BILLIONS$ for Evil.

    imagine if a $BILLION$ maniac get a hold of a biological weapon.

  77. I say if you can’t feed them, don’t breed them. Then no one would need a hand out and children would smile for reasons other than getting free school supplies. I would rather steal for my daughter than except charity from organization such as MAS

  78. He is no sicker than you are. And if ignorance was in the category of mental defects, then you would qualify for disability benefits without a question.

  79. OK, so Fox news is investigating the money trail behind the ground Zero mosque and this trail leads to….the guy who owns half of Fox parent company. And he supports terrorists too! How would it be possible for Fox to even start any kind of investigation knowing that it would lead to their boss’ pockets? I do not think they want to loose their jobs over it, but this is just contradictory – Fox whistle blowing on its owner?

  80. Please let me know where you live.

    I’ll move next door to you…

    Play the drums at midnight.

    start the HARLEY motorcycle at 6AM under your window

    Pray on a carpet in a doggy position and fart in your face..

    Take off your shows with your fungus…

    not wash to cloth for a few weeks and smell like you..

    should I go on..

    Talk for yourself.

  81. At least FOX news has the BALLS to trace where the money is coming from.. ALL the media should do the same.. All the people all around the globe should forward ANY information that they have to the FBI… Other channels are showing the same trail of “QUESTIONABLE” money.

    All roads lead to Rome… Pretty sure that most of the funding to that MAS comes from terror sponsorships…

    Investigate and show the public the truth and you will see

  82. FOX did not have the balls to admit it. During the entire episode they never mentioned a name. They just kept on refering to “the man behind the money/mosque”. Other people found that out like John Stewart from the Daily Show. They did not even know the person they were accusing.

  83. He is ignoring you. Smart man.
    You have become an annoyance.
    Will you actually take the time off from posting to:
    “play drums at midnight, start the Harley and seems like you like this doggy style stuff (you use the term too often not to) while farting?
    The fungus and smell is probably a give, so you don’t have to knock yourself out to accomplish that.
    PLEASE do something other than post.
    I too will not answer your rants as you are not worth spit.

  84. That says more about your habits than theirs, unless you’re saying that all Muslims don’t wash themselves, go next door to fart in your face, “take off your shows with your fungus” whatever that means, playing drums, and revving a harley at 6. Where did you get this experience from somebody?

  85. welcome back GalaxyMover.

    You may also look at the last link with proof and you will see why Local Broker needed to not respond.

    Sometimes, if you have no defense, you just walk away.

    The truth HURTS?

  86. The FOX person is ONLY one guy.

    We have dozens of more potential donors that should be investigated.

    Where the $money$ is coming from?

  87. What I see is that local broker was tired of senseless talking with a close-minded individual. Maybe the truth hurts to you…

  88. nolastname

    I can not stop you from supporting terrorist. The FBI, Home Land Security should get you for that.

    Why are you still in the USA if you don’t like it here? go back to your terrorist training camp

  89. Murdoch owns MORE than you can count.

    Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism is a nice little movie that will tell you more details of Murdoch.

    He is VERY powerful in the media.. He claims that he got Regan elected…

  90. As long as the truth is exposed, I am not worried.
    The terrorist promised that the $money$ will go to children and the truth is that it went for other things EXCEPT kids.

    Local Broker finally saw the video and HOPEFULLY, the TRUTH opened his eyes…

  91. Enough is enough, Eddie. I’ve given warning, tried to advise you towards better etiquette, and gave chance after chance. But for too long you’ve been a disruptive force on this site. It’s not about what you say – all viewpoints are welcome here – but it’s how you say it. You have systematically destroyed any attempt people have made to have a civil and meaningful argument with you. You have resorted to personal attacks time after time, and often your words border on hate speech. I never, ever take the act of banning someone lightly, and endeavor to offer an explanation whenever I do. Well, here’s the explanation: you’re a disrespectful troll and you’re no longer welcome here.

  92. Wait and see your property values go down the toilet once community center moves next door to you and traffic becomes unbearable. I am patient, I will wait and at the end have a good laugh at your expense watching you running around like gerbil trying to sell your property for half of what it was worth years before.

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