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Morning Mug: We Now Offer Proofreading Services…


Sheepshead Bites is proud to announce proofreading services for the area’s small businesses. Whether it’s menus, signs, advertisements or business cards, evidence (look up) around town has us convinced you’re going to need it. Unless you enjoy looking silly. If that’s the case, fine. Don’t hire us.

Photo by nolastname.

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  1. Guess you supposed to pause after “everything”, meaning everything is on sale but only selected items are 50-80% off. I totally missed it.

  2. You should include store awnings BEFORE they are made. Many stores in Brooklyn have their address numbers written in the style of Queens, with dashes.

  3. When these commercial stores fronts were renovated a few years back I pleased with the landlord to have 100% see-through gates. THere are see-through gates on the Infinity dealership, there are no gates on the laundromat etc. there are no gates on the Bagle store BUT they did not listen and al of those businesses have full steel gates which kills any advertising when they are closed. Need more proof? Look at the renovated Ginger Rose, they had full brown gates for YEARS until they renovated, now the place is gorgeous. Also the Turkish restaurant next to V&S Pizza, THey had full gates for years, now they have none. Bagle Boy is yet another example. Get rid of these ugly gates that attract vandalism and send the wrong message about the community.

  4. The sign DOES make logical sense if you ignore the layout and styling of the font. Everything is on sale up to 50%, but only selected items have better sales between 50-80% off. The problem is that they bolded “Everything” and “50-80% off” so they look like they’re the same phrase. It was probably an intentional sales gimmick.

  5. See.. this is what is wrong with people… You (readers and nolastname who posted this picture) think that owner of this store really cares and he will fix that mistake? Well.. news flash!!!!!! He does not give a fuck! should I make it in capital letters? Owners of these small stores put up all kinds of signs, there are couple stores in the neighborhood that have “grand opening sale” for the past 2 years now, or signs “going our of business sale everything must go” for the past 3 years… They do not care, its all a sell gimmick.

  6. HA! Typical American’s….don’t you know if you don’t read the small text you get screwed…..

    quit picking at people this sign is Correct in every way, it might not make sense but it’s made to catch idiots. Look at the wording a bit clearer…. see EVERYTHING is on sale! 50%-80%!!!! It’s screaming at you to go inside and take a look…. However, it’s only on Selected items because all the Good shit ain’t gonna cost that much less.. So it makes the Wife / Husband want to stop by and take a look at whats on Sale. That Note: on selected items, is the MOST Important part which everyone misses….

    It’s kind like the Mc Donald’s coffee cup, it says CAUTION HOT! Because your Coffee or Tea is most likely Scolding…. So if you burn yourself you can’t sue them for not telling you it’s Hot.

  7. This falls back to the coffee cup i mentioned earlier, The letters that say CAUTION HOT! is to warn you about the Hot coffee inside your cup, just like, Selected items in small letters are there just for the sign to let you know there is a sale on Selected items. If you don’t read the fine print, thats your own damn fault….

    Jeez Spoiled Americans…. if it don’t come a GOLDEN PLATTER it’s wrong.. haha!

  8. This is the kind of pretzel logic designed to deceive as this sign does. Everything isn’t EVERYTHING? What are they trying to say? That only 60 to 80 percent of the store merchandise is on sale? We’re supposed to accept this mentality that misleading advertising and gimmicks like this are acceptable? I’d say that it’s more typical of Americans these days to accept this sort of balderdash complacently.

    The McDonalds coffee analogy I presume is another indicator that we should suddenly accept that “Everything” doesn’t mean that anymore, that in the case where we know the coffee is hot anyway we should know that EVERYTHING is NOT on sale in spite of the abuse of the word. I guess that should apply to the “99¢ The Limit” store. We now know more and more of the store has been taken up with the higher priced items and those items that were formerly 99¢ are now $1.49 or higher.

    Greed is good!!

  9. Not quite Bait & Switch. That usually involves specific items advertised and then not in stock to be replaced with a lower quality product. This is a wording problem.
    The best printed advertisement I’ve seen that gets things real mixed up is this one:

    It even took me a half a minute or so to spot the error or “illegal operation”.

  10. There ya go, 99c stores are a good example, except they make BIGGER signs…. this is a little Coroplastic sign in the window to let people know there are some REALLY GOOD DEALS INSIDE (just not on everything)

    Just Accept it.

  11. We have a saying in THIS country. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Everything means EVERYTHING! Another saying: Everything is everything.

  12. Nothing wrong with this sign. Next time you get a Macy’s ad claiming everything is on sale, read the fine print that shows all the exclusions

  13. Nothing wrong with this sign. Next time you get a Macy’s ad claiming everything is on sale, read the fine print that shows all the exclusions

  14. not only the bottom line..the fact is they call themselves the Four Seasons..(all holidays inclusive ~yes, so HOW can they have a holiday sale!!?) Another ripp off store to stay away from!!( the banner sign guys here who allowed them to print this!) Actually this store had some nice items..sigh..sad that they didn’t advert so well. Shame really goes to the guys who made the banner for not telling them it was OFF!

  15. Thanks for beautiful and targeted advise, its really good and work, I am going through in learning process. Actually, you need to proofread several times for different types of errors. Reading backward will usually catch misspellings, but not poor grammar or homonym problems.

    You have to reread very carefully, from front to back, to check for grammar and syntax errors as well as just plain bad writing.
    The best way to proofread, however, is to ask someone else with good writing,spelling,grammar skills to check your writing for you.

  16. You can pawn your gold and diamonds here but you have to get a place in the hights with your $$$$$.

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