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Morning Mug: This Is The Train That Doesn’t End…

Yes, it goes on and on, my friends

From the photographer, who has a special message for our esteemed transportation columnist, Allan Rosen:

i think it could be the looooooooooongest mta train. or it’s the definition of INFINITY! maybe you can share it with ALLAN ROSEN, whom i enjoy reading (i should email him).

Get in line, buddy. We all love Allan Rosen here. Also, our venerable publisher, Ned, informs us that several trains at the Neck Road station are “parked” next to one another, making them look like like they extend to infinity.

Photo by Herb Jue

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  1. Ned is correct. Yes, that’s where trains lay up sometimes on weekends. (This was also done before Hurricane Sandy when trains had to be removed from Coney Island yards to prevent flooding.)

    Mr. Jue probably would have loved to see the Bay Ridge line in operation with freight trains in the 1960s. I once stood at Utica Avenue and counted a 102 car train. That meant when the rear of the train left Utica Avenue, the front was arriving at Nostrand Avenue! Supposedly one train a day still operates on the line.

  2. Actually, Erica is giving me credit I don’t deserve. I had to ask Mr. Jue what was going on there, but that part of the conversation didn’t make it to Erica’s inbox.

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