Southern Brooklyn

Morning Mug: Sheepshead’s Skyline


This is the type of shot I usually associate with images of Manhattan as seen from across the Hudson River in Hoboken. Except, instead of the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and other glistening skyscrapers, we have Lundy’s, Loehmann’s and… some other stuff. NTTAWWT.

Photo by Brian Hoo

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  1. What a weird perspective. Even though it must have been taken from Manhattan Beach, the waterway looks so much wider than it actually is. And then, on the right side, it looks like there’s so much greenery and no buildings but the two sticking out – which themselves look really far apart, even though they’re just across the street from each other. 

    Cool photo.

  2. “That There’s Anything Wrong With That”
    ………………………………………..but i have no idea why and how that is applied.

  3. This image was recorded from my kayak on Sheepshead Bay.  That accounts for the unusual perspective.  Applied a little post processing, but pic is pretty much straight out of the camera.  Taken with a Canon D10 (waterproof), point and shoot.  Wish I have the guts to take my slr on the boat, but hey, you know the old saying, “the best camera to shoot with is the one you can take with you.”

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