Southern Brooklyn

Morning Mug: Post-Race Hotdog


From the photographer:

A man having a hot dog after finishing the Cosme 5K run at the Coney Island boardwalk. Kodak Ektar 100. Canon A-1. Canon FD 50mm 1:1.4.

Photo by David Tan

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  1. WTG. He should have a little more color after completing the race……unless he’s not really enjoying that dog. LOL

  2. Geesh…ya think he can look any more miserable? What a friendly face….


    . He just bit down on something in that hot dog, & fears for what it might be;

    . His eastward view is being blocked by Russian “women” of a certain size;

    . Waxing nostalgic for Hirsch’s or Shatzkin’s Knishes;

    . Hoping the Coney Island bus is running (but never in a race – that’ll be the day!)

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