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Morning Mug: Peak-A-Boo Sunrise


That is a sunrise, right?

Photo by Jennifer Parkers

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  1. Since the photo seems to have been taken facing west, I think it’s actually a … sunset. Unless that was a trick question?

  2. I second this. West = Sunset.
    Besides, who wakes up for the sunrise anymore. What are you a romantic or something?

  3. I am so sadly navigationally challenged. If I know what time of day it is, and I’m actually watching the sun set, in person, I can surmise, “Oh, that must be west,” but otherwise I’m just lost. And let’s not even get into north and south.

  4. I always imagine a map in my head. If I know that Long Island is to my right then my right must be East. And then you can go clockwise filling in the direction. South behind me, West to the left, and North straight ahead.

  5. But that only helps when you’re facing North. Facing Manhattan Beach, for example, means that suddently straight ahead is South, behind you is North, to the right is West and to the left is East.

  6. The coffee machine at work is broken and I’m too lazy to troop downstairs for Starbucks.

    Also, I school the unschooled. Geography homie. Word up.

  7. Its neither setting or rising its actually the earths rotation towards or away that’s happening….we just keep perpetuating that ancient myth

  8.  Reading your posts while looking at your profile pic, makes me Laugh! Homie! haha

    Cheboorashka like a Boss!

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