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Morning Mug: “M” Stands For “Morning Mug”


It also can stand for Meeeeeemories, like the corners of my mind…

I have the vaguest memories from the corners of my mind the earliest years of my childhood of the platform at the Sheepshead Bay Road train station being made of wooden planks. I wonder when that changed.

From the photographer:

Northbound M Local entering Sheepshead Bay Station, 1976

Photo by Andy Baum

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  1. If you have time, a lot of time, the answer to when the planks were replaced might be found at Arrt’s Arrchives. The site is dedicated to the LIRR, but does venture into a lot of detail on the subways. I find navigating the site to be a challenge, but interesting.

  2. Long, long time ago…Losing the M service to the Nassau street loop added about 15 minutes each way to my daily commute. And then a couple of years ago, the M was really moved up and out of lower Manhattan. So long M. I hardly knew ye.

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